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Hitch did some really good work on the television series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour." This topic is a place to discuss, share favorites, etc.


To get us started, note that there were 17 episodes of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” directed by Hitchcock:


1.     Revenge (02/Oct/1955) — *1.1 (*Season.Episode)

2.     Breakdown (13/Nov/1955) — 1.5

3.     The Case of Mr. Pelham (04/Dec/1955) — 1.10

4.     Back for Christmas (04/Mar/1956) — 1.23

5.     Wet Saturday (30/Sep/1956) — 2.1

6.     Mr. Blanchard's Secret (23/Dec/1956) — 2.13

7.     One More Mile to Go (07/Apr/1957) — 2.28

8.     The Perfect Crime (20/Oct/1957) — 3.3

9.     Lamb to the Slaughter (13/Apr/1958) — 3.28

10.  Dip in the Pool (01/Jun/1958) — 3.35

11.  Poison (05/Oct/1958) — 4.1

12.  Banquo's Chair (03/May/1959) — 4.29

13.  Arthur (27/Sep/1959) — 5.1

14.  The Crystal Trench (04/Oct/1959) — 5.2

15.  Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat (27/Sep/1960) — 6.1

16.  The Horse Player (14/Mar/1961) — 6.22

17.  Bang! You're Dead (17/Oct/1961) — 7.22


Do you have favorites?

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Lamb to the Slaughter, if it's the story  I think it is I think it the best.  However, I really haven't seen many of the TV series shows.  As I recall, the wife hits her husband in the head with a frozen leg of lamb during an argument and kills him.  She then pops the leg of lamb into the oven.  The detectives arrive and look for the murder weapon that killed the husband.  The detectives have been there a while, at least long enough for the roast to be ready to eat.  The wife politely asks the detectives if they would like to stay and have dinner.  They are still trying to figure out what killed her husband so they decide to stay and have dinner.  While the detectives talk about the evidence and try to determine what killed him, they sit and eat the murder weapon. It is so Hitchcock.  Ironic, morbid, and funny.  It has always been the one most people remember too. 

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