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Life (and idiots)imitate art.


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I remember seeing news footage of a group of nitwit football players who re-created the "lay down in the middle of the street on the white dividing line at night" from "The Program". The reporter asked one of these future brain surgeons why they did it. He replied "Well, I wouldn't do it AGAIN." Gee all it took was witnessing the painful death of a team mate to convince him that this was not too bright! Another group of geniuses were the girls who decided to re-enact the coke bottle rape scene from "Born Innocent" on a poor girl in the shower of the locker room. Anyone else recall news stories about folks too clueless to be allowed to watch anything more intense than "Sunrise Sermon"?

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Just a joke. BTW in actual fact, according to a study I read recently, childproof caps, lighters,etc, DON'T prevent accidents. Due to child-proofing, parents have relaxed their vigilence about such things and the rate of occurence as well as the fatality rate have remained almost exactly UNCHANGED. The only thing childproof caps do is keep grandma from getting her aspirin.

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But, Mongo also makes a valid point...in that sometimes it's hard to tell what is intended as a joke and what isn't.


I also heard on a program about AIDS this past a week ago (it was National AIDS Awareness Week) that because scientists have finally come up with medications to treat AIDS that it's on the rise again nationally because people have lost their fear about it for that reason. Too bad that they still don't get it that although it can be somewhat "treated" in some cases, the "cure" is still a long way away. Practicing "safe sex" is still critical for this reason.

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