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There is no doubt in my mind.  I will always remember this course as one of the most informative and fulfilling experiences of my life.  I have learned so much about Hitchcock and film-making in general it makes my head spin!  I've already warned all my friends I will be boring them to death with my newfound knowledge.

We've covered The Hitchcock Touch in so much depth.  I thought I would challenge my memory and compose a list of 'touch points' I can use a reference when watching a Hitchcock film, or others for that matter.  Feel free to challenge my list, add to it, or create your own.


The Hitchcock Touch

> The double chase

> The wrongly accused man and mistaken identity

> Ordinary people forced into extraordinary circumstances; need to depend on their own wits

> Camera work

    1. extreme and meaningful close-ups

    2. tracking and dolly shots

    3. high-angle shots

> Unique editing style (nod to Soviet Montage)

> The 'MacGuffin'

> 'Avoid the cliche at all costs!'

> Star Power

    1. brings in audiences and money

    2. brings in established personas 

    3. already on people's minds and in the press

> Humor (Light and Dark)

> Give the audience more information up front than provided the character on screen

> Prominent locales

> 'Evil may lurk in the most innocent places'.

> Romance

> Suspense and Horror genres laced with frequent psychological undertones 



Hitchcock Style Points, Motifs, and things to look out for:

> Trains and transportation.

> Keys.

> Staircases.

> Windows.

> Mirrors and reflections.

> Music that supports suspenseful editing and imparts emotion.

> Color palettes that signal emotional and psychological response.

> The icy blonde.

> Carefully chosen wardrobes.

> The cameo.

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