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Votes For Women!


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i love movies having to do with women's suffrage!! that history has always fascinated me!!!


Marry Poppins

Iron Jawed Angels( i love alice paul!)

Shocking Miss Pilgrims

Hello, Dolly!

Mrs. Santa Clause

Goodbye, Mr. Chips(okay there isnt an actual scene, but she says she wants the vote. heehee!)


i cant thik of any more right now, my brain is hurting. heehee! im sure there are more i have seen though.

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i love how women's suffrage is prtrayed in these movies. they really bring the meaning to life nowdays. right now, most of us take for granted the trouble women went through, just for the right to vote. i mean think about it. women were arrested just for standing on the sidewalk, and they went on hunger strikes in the jails, then they were forcefed with tubes! they got very sick, and were treated so unfairly. there is so much more to it than only that, but that is just the outline of it.


what about anyone else on here?

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You're so right, butterscotchgreer---This is a very interesting subject. You'd think there would be many fascinating and entertaining movies concerned with it. I'm glad you could list that many. I'm still trying to think of some more. The subject seems to have been handled better on TV.


There were some crude anti-woman's-suffrage films made in the early 20th century, as well as newsreel footage of the movement parades and protests (including that horrifying shot of Emily Davison being trampled by horses at Epsom Derby in 1913). There are supposed to be Thanhouser silent movies on the subject, but I don't know their titles.


a list of films on women's suffrage


photos--VOTES FOR WOMEN: Suffrage Pictures 1850-1920 Library of Congress




The National Archives Learning Curve / Britain 1906-18



Before IRON JAWED ANGELS there was this excellent British production shown on PBS in the mid-70s:

SHOULDER TO SHOULDER (1974) British TV mini-series



Then the PBS series from the 1990s:

NOT FOR OURSELVES ALONE: The Story Of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony (PBS 1999) TV mini-series



What about:





There was a tiresome movie based on Henry James's merciless and, admittedly, sometimes funny satire of the women's suffrage movement:



It's unfortunate that so many people don't vote. I just wish they understood what women and people of color had to go through to win this right.

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Upstairs, Downstairs had a brief storyline about the suffrage movement. I can't for the life of me remember what happened- I think the rich daughter of the house ended up in jail, then decided (or it was decided for her) that she would quit protesting.


My Brilliant Career is not about suffrage per se, but shows a strong, bright woman going her own way- and (gasp) turning down the leading man at the end.


The Great Race has Natalie Wood as a suffragette, but has a kind of smirking tone about it. A lot of these movies treat women's rights as something to be laughed at. Although I love Mary Poppins, I was surprised the last time I watched it. The idea that somehow the suffrage movement was responsible for the mother's lack of interest in her children bothered me a little.

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Margie! Margie's grandmother speaks of her past trying to win the vote, by chaining herself to the White House with a thick chain. it cracke me up!


i have seen The Great Race and loved that one jackfavell!! thank you for reminding me aobut it. i reallllllly want to see Upstairs, Downstairs, but ave had no chance to see it yet as i dont have it.

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Good to see another fan of IRON JAWED ANGELS. Good movie, great performance by Hillary Swank.


There is a Shirley Temple film that involves Shirley going to a suffragist rally--ADVENTURE IN BALTIMORE? I'm not sure if that's the title. It features the teenage Shirley.


Sandy K

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