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South Of The Border Noir?


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Chuck, your note about naming crime-heist noir-types situated in Mexico... here are five... maybe other folks can offer more titles.


The Big Steal (1949, Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, William Bendix, Patrc Knowles)



His Kind Of Woman (1951, Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, Raymond Burr)



Kansas City Confidential (1952, John Payne, Preston Foster, Lee Van Cleef, Jack Elam, Neville Brand, Colleen Gray)



The Hitch-Hiker (1953, Edmund O'Brien, Frank Lovejoy, William Talman)



Touch Of Evil (1958, Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh, Orson Welles, Dennis Weaver)


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I'm surprised no one has mentioned one of the best, Ride the Pink Horse.


For those who are unfamiliar with this noir, it's based on a Dorothy Hughes story (In A Lonely Place/The Fallen Sparrow) and the script's by Ben Hecht. You guys have to see it. I think it's the best movie Montgomery directed---and maybe his best acting as well.











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And two more good ones. I'm not familiar with MYSTERY IN MEXICO and that's even a better reason to get it added.


I think TCM can find enough of these to have a Salsa Noir Festival. Keep adding them, though. I'm sure we haven't covered them all. If I could do it, I'd get us across the border on these crime-sprees, then maybe chased by MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS onto a nice, quiet volcano plain, only to have Richard Denning take us from Black Scorpions, across the Canal and into the Black Lagoon.


Honestly, I don't know why some women find him attractive - have you SEEN what kind of things he gets involved with?!!


And one of the recent DVD releases - CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN - has Richard showing of his test-tubes again. Quite a fun film for a radioactive mad-scientist Mobster kind of zombie film. (Did I miss any of the genres in there?)

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Not set in Mexico as such, but (I think) in a Carribean country with a Hispanic population is "The Bribe" from about 1949 with Robert Taylor as the hero and Vincent Price as the villain. This film was heavily tapped for the climax to the Steve Martin parody "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid."

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"Pink Horse" was actually filmed in New Mexico at Santa Fe, in the US. The La Fonda is a big old hotel in downtown Santa Fe. They filmed some of the movie inside the hotel.


They have the annual Zozobra festival in Santa Fe every year. There were different fiestas in Santa Fe for about 300 years, but Zozobra was invented in modern times by a local artist in 1924. I've never heard of a Zozobra festival in Mexico or Spain.


I'm not sure why they filmed the movie there but changed the name of the town. Maybe they wanted it to look like a border town. There are many towns in New Mexico that have a lot of Hispanics (especially Mexicans) living in them, much like the one in the movie. The girl Pilar was supposed to be an Indian from one of the nearby Indian reservations.


But anyway, let's keep this on our "South of the Border" noir list, since it is a good movie and looks a lot like Mexico.

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The subject is "South of the Border Noir" (or thereabouts).


"The Bribe" is "set" south of the border in some unnamed central american town.

Filmed mostly in Hollywood. "Pink Horse" was filmed on location in Santa Fe and

at the La Fonda hotel (both in the US) (and also on a sound stage in Hollywood).

However, people who are not familiar with the state can think it was supposed to be

a setting in Mexico or South Arizona or Southwest Texas or whatever. But people

who live here know what's what.


One point that is critical. The "Stop" signs that were supposed to be on the Mexican

side of the border in "Touch of Evil" looked silly because "Stop" is an American word.

All the stop signs in Mexico say "Alto", like in "halt".

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Maybe we can call this Salsa Noir instead, and include anything where chips & hot sauce would be as appropriate as popcorn, eh?


This of course opens up Cary Grant' CRISIS, too. I don't know if I could stretch the definitions wide enough to slip Woody Allen's BANANAS in, but what the heck? We're just building collection lists - we can pick and choose our own definitions later.


Aye (yi yi yi) to Fred C's ALTO sign comment! It's amazing how tolerant I am of some film's flubs because of all their other high-quality elements, and how other films' flaws are all I can see - probably because they have no better-quality distractions!

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You are very kind and generous, Ollie.


Hey, has anyone mentioned the first part of "Out of the Past" for being south of

the border noir?


I've traveled a lot around the US and some in Latin America while in the news business, so

I've seen some of the actual locations where many movies were filmed. It bothers me when

they get things mixed up because they think that most people in the US won't know

the difference. For example in "Stagecoach"... There was a line from Tucson to

Lordsburg, but it certainly didn't go through Monument Valley, Utah or past Shiprock,

New Mexico. In the movie, the coach went north for a while, then south, then west,

then east, then back north, etc., etc.


Looks to me like much of the outdoor night stuff in "Touch of Evil" was filmed in

Calexico, California, and the border town was made to look like Calexico/Mexicali,

which are sometimes called "twin" cities, one on one side of the border and the

other on the other side.


Get the clever names of the two towns? Cal-exico and Mex-icali. Remember that

"Cal" is on the California side and "Mex" is on the Mexican side. There is a border

stripe right across the middle of the street just like in the movie. But they should

have changed the stop signs because anyone who has ever been there or to

Mexico will get confused as to which side of the border they are supposed to be

on in different segments of the film.


(I just looked on IMDB and it says "Touch of Evil" was filmed in Venice, California.

They still should have changed the stop signs.)

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Well, Ollie started this thread, but I don't think he would mind if it's a border town.


If he doesn't mind, I'll add "Where Danger Lives?. They make it as far as a border town in their attempt to escape. There are plenty of norish scenes filmed there. I think Faith Domergue made it to within a few feet of the border. Does that count?



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Actually, BuffaloChuck couldn't create a new thread (all the site issues, y'know) but was able to post an email to me about this topic.





That's two more. I'm not sure if Chuck was interested in us editing this list - my sense was he wanted every flim that might fit, and he'd figure out the rest. I think anything where a little espa?ol fits then qualifies. How about that?


"Be generous - let others edit" is my rule of thumb.

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MissGoddess, I've tried about 6 times to respond to your post. The board rejected every one. I'll try this method now. My respnose is, "Ask Ollie".


LOL! I know, I know---it's been INSANE for the last four or five days but no response from TCM as to what the heck is going on. I say we ALL head south of the border for real until it gets fixed.

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