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The Giant Claw

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(Ollie, the coffee's my treat today when you arrive.)


I am laughing at the shag-carpet comments because, since I recall horrid shag carpeting, I DO believe it truly was monstrous. And it was EVERYWHERE. It multiplied. It wouldn't die, you couldn't drown it or burn it without some kind of horrid, venomous gas-spewing retribution. And despite all attempts to destroy it, it merely called its brothers and cousins in as replacements.


So, do you really want to belittle shag carpeting's true monstrousness?!! ha ha - even the Japanese gave in and used carpet remnants on a couple of their smog-monster type features.


I hope your home-carpeting doesn't hear about your discussion. They talk. You know that, don't you? They have forums. "Threads" is what I think they're called.


OK OK, I'm making that up. There's not a fiber of truth to any of this. But next time you hear creaks in the night, don't count on your blanket to be there for you to hide under. I think they're all in the same union.

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The poster and shirts and pressbook for Reptilicus all are better than owning the movie..

That being said, I own 2 Reptilicus shirts, 2 posters, an original pressbook, and the DVD from MGM....

I used to own the uncut Danish version of Reptilicus where you see him flying like he was a hot air balloon and Reptilicus does not vomit on anybody either..that is a USA edit in...

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Joe, I always thought REPTILICUS looked like one of those Mexican wooden-snakes that were several inch-long wooden-rods hinged together so they'd swing back and forth. And then suspended like a marionette.


And it's still not nearly as goofy looking as CLAW. They'd needed to have put a feather duster sticking up out of REPTI's skull. Or at least glue a feather boa along his spine.


So, how many Monster Types do we have in film? Five? Let's see...


Costumed actors (Godzillas, Gorgos, It Conquered The World, all carpet-remnant based monsters, etc. ha ha) This should probably include "Make Up".


Stop-Action (should that include Claymation? Oh nooo, Mr. Bill...)


Puppets - Marionettes.


"Enhanced Live Footage" or "green-screening" like The Giant Gila Monster, Beginning Of The End's grasshoppers, Tarantula and all local weather broadcasts, where they overlay a real creature onto other footage so double-exposure or overlays achieve different sizes. I think this would also include War Of Colossal Beast, Attack Of 50-Foot types, Incredible Shrinking types, etc.


And the Atari-Pong-CGI stuff. Gooooaaaalllll.


And of all these 'types', I think the Puppet-Marionette Monster Films are the worst because of the very bad monsters themselves.


Joe, if you DARE force them to generate a Danish-Version Remastering that forces me to consider re-buying REPTILICUS, I will curse you every time I see that new one on my shelf! ha ha... but I admit, I love these latest Japanese issues of GOJIRA-GODZILLA, RODAN, etc. where they include the US and the **** versions.

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Actually after watching those clips on you tube I really want to see the entire ridiculous movie again-! The poster is very impressive but deceiving. Hey if the wonderfully schlocky "Equinox" can get the deluxe Criterion treatment- so why not "Reptilicus. If they ever do a remake Repiticulus could destroy Ikea!


Message was edited by: joefilmone

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I was complaining about pix of tantalizing food in other threads, and now I've got to contend with these blasted YouTube teasers that make me want to drag out all of these full films and endure their joyful but usually torturous silliness.


I love the comment: "I guess this falls into the category of ____" because "FALLS INTO" is obviously the operative phrase!


Thanks - in a sick sort of way - for posting these. I hate 'em but love 'em. I just wish CREEPING UNKNOWN wasn't playing on the TV now for me to laugh at.

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Lets make a movie

The Giant Claw vs The Equinox monsters from hell :)

Ash from the Evil Dead finds the Necronomicon again, releasing the monsters from Equinox in our time & reality, meanwhile our Giant muppet comes up from its watery death after hibernating underwater for 50 years due to a giant Squid demon from hell, which gets eaten by the Claw who then flies to where the other monsters from Hell are & the fight begins...while Ash is fighting Zombie skeleton monsters he released thanks to him reading book of the dead passages

Zombies include Tom Savini, George Romero, Ken Foree...

Who wins between the Monsters and Giant Claw, how does Ash stop the Zombies along with a few comrades he has found along the way such as Sid Haig, the Rock, and HHH ??

What fun !!

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The Giant Claw is one of my favorites. Check out how many times they refer to it as "big as a battleship." I made a battleship countdown video: (about halfway down the page) [battleship references|http://www.atomicmonsters.com/giantclaw.htm]

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Cool webpage, atommo. The Giant Claw (1957) is almost the oldest sci-fi image permanently imprinted in my brain. The string puppet is so cheesy, it's beautiful. Really. A thing of beauty. I remember nothing else from the movie except the vision of The Claw's head and neck as it goes about it's business. If I'd have gone to the theater and seen only one still shot of it's head and neck (maybe a claw), that alone would have been worth the .35₵-.50₵ admission price I paid in those day's for the 2 to 4 full features and 'toons to boot.









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An earlier comment from SCSU:


*I suspect Mel Welles is inside that carpet.*


Oh yeah. Mel. That's right.


I love all the screen-shots in there. This is BEGGING for an SCSU Evisceration Treatment.


One thing that still pleases me about this film - the actors try SO HARD to appear concerned, frightened, anxietous, fretful. They try SOOO hard, and I just can't believe that they could have achieved this high level if they'd actually seen the monster before filming.


I wonder what Vegas would put down odds on any of these actors showing up for the premiere?

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You know, they say kids have an innocent way of looking at films......very forgiving.....but I remember seeing this when I was a kid back in the 60s and even then I remember wondering '****' ( even though the 'f' part wasnt in my vocabulary!). Where DID the bird come from?

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