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[b]The Absolution Resolution of Challenge #8[/b]

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Congratulations to all who put up a schedule. It is a daunting but fun task. It has always made me appreciate the chore that belongs to those at TCM. (You first timers should feel satisfied that you were able to accpomplish this job.)


Thanks also for the magazine covers. It is always great fun to see how they will turn out. Maybe one will end up for real again like the Ida Lupino cover from last year.


Lynn, congratulations for a well deserved honor.


Kyle, you did a wonderful job again. Now you can be back in the game next time. (This thought alone puts me behind for the next one.)


Now we can all take a deep breath. "Out with the bad, in with the good."

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Wow, this is a surprise!


I'm actually kind of speechless. Thank you to everyone for enjoying my schedule so much. I was afraid folks were getting tired of all my talk of restoration and preservation. I hope one of these days that TCM will do a Preservation Festival as I think it could be great.


Anyways, as moderator of the next Challenge I will have to put my thinking cap on and come up with a theme.


So stay tuned! The TCM Programming Challenge #9 is coming!


Thank you again!

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Kyle in Hollywood wrote:


> Challengers singled out with single votes are -


> Fedya (I still wonder if Sandy K's cat was the actual voter, tho)


Proof that cats have better taste than most humans. ;-)


On the bright side, my not winning the Challenge means that I get to inflict my warped scheduling humor on all of you again in the next Challenge....

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Thanks so much!




I am looking forward to your warped sense of programming for the next Challenge and I hope that all who participated this time around will return for the next one.

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Kyle, you can assign a LOT of those Seven Sins to me...


Gluttony, without argument.


Lust (for sure, ask pretty much anybody in NYC, most of Manhattan's population is hiding under the bed and refusing to answer the door as we speak lest I lustfully bang on the door), maybe a half-measure of Pride...but I wasn't being Slothful. Call me Crazy, just don't call me Lazy!


For whatever reason, although I repeatedly tried to sign in to read everyone's entries and vote for the past couple of weeks, I just couldn't access the boards.


Doesn't matter, of course --- this is just the funnest game ever. It's just a great game, & I can't wait for the new guidelines!


(I'm still not sure who won the Challenge, Patful or LzCutter or someone else, my screen still keeps strangely freezing when I enter this topic --- but any one of them are sure to give us a real Challenge to fill some January nights! Now that I FINALLY got into the board very briefly & got to see what they offered, they both made incredibly fun and enlightening schedules --- even though the screen kept freezing. Obviously I need to get a newer computer).


Everyone, whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends in the coming days. Personally, I celebrate them all.


And Kyle: keep in mind that I will grudgingly own up to exemplifying Anger. Gluttony, okay. Lust: I insist on OWNING Lust. But Sloth? Never.


Happy, happy holidays, all.




PS: See you ALL on the next Challenge!


PPS: Although my favorite all-time movie is "Meet Me in St. Louis," which is a definite Christmas movie, my absolute favorite Christmas film is "Miracle on 34th Street." While you're shopping, or cooking, or whatever, throw the DVD in.

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Hiya Chip -


Glad you are alright. Your absence has been noticed lately but I (and all the others here) knew you were busy with your online auction. I don't think anyone thought you were reliving your Halloween research escapde of the Deadly Sins. (But, with your self-confirmed expertise on the subject, have you ever thought of teaching a class on them for "The Learning Annex"? I hear the money can be quite good.)


Your charity work definitely trumps my gesture of absolution to the "sins" of the Challengers. You've got more good karma from that work than could be erased by any amount of "slothful" behavior.


So, how did the online auction go?


Kyle In Hollywood

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"Proof that cats have better taste than most humans." - Fedya


Can't argue with that logic in that case. That particular cat's choice of minder demonstrates the fact pretty well too.


Looking forward to having a battle of "warped humor" with you in the next Challenge.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Congratulations everyone, I am sad that no one voted for me but at least you all liked my schedule and that's all that matters to me. I liked all of your schedules and I want to thank Kyle for inspiring all of us to come up with some interesting ideas. I will try to return again for the next challenge, I can't promise though but I hope to see all of you return again.

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Congratulations lzcutter --- a well-deserved win!


And filmlover, I LOVE the Rochelle Hudson cover.


Thanks for asking about the auction, Kyle --- between that and a VERY glitchy month trying to log onto the boards, I have barely been around at all.


Because of the nature of eBay, we won't really have a final tally until mid-end of January (late payers, a handful of items lost in the shipping we have to refund, people who default, etc.) --- but it LOOKS like we are on track to raising about $100,000 for the AIDS charity this year.


Saturday, though, I'm on a plane to Atlanta to see family and decompress for Five Whole Days --- where I'll try and imagine what lzcutter has cooking for the next Challenge!

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Hello everyone. Thanks for everyone's kind words and support towards my schedule. Thanks FrankGrimes for your vote. I really appreciate it. I'm sorry for not being able to vote by last Sunday. I got back home from college the night before and was unable to get to a computer in time to vote. Anyways, congrats to lzcutter in regards to winning the challenge.


~Donna :)

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I know this is very, very, VERY late, but I just wanted to pop in here and congraulate lzcutter for her splendid win. Congrats! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next challenge and I hope I have the time to participate.


I've been seriously swamped lately. I've never been a holiday person (I'm one of those people who dreads this season for so many different reasons), but I found myself overloaded with family obligations these past few weeks. My apologies to Kyle for not voting in the challenge (but my vote wouldn't have even mattered and lzcutter still would have won), although I have to say that I really enjoyed participating! Great challenge!


Looking over them now, I enjoyed everyone schedules. I would also like to thank my one PM vote, Fedya and Jezebel38 for their votes. Filmlover, I LOVED my Now Playing cover. Robert Preston looks quite sexy in it!


And finally, Kyle--I do NOT wear Satin pajamas. I did that once and I actually slid right off my bed and onto the floor. I do not care to get whiplash while half asleep and trying to turn off one of my alarm clocks.


I hope all my fellow challenge participants had a great holiday and have a Happy New Year!

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