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TV show in the early 70's: Boris Karloff Presents


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I remember, when I was about 18, I watched a TV show called Boris Karloff Presents.

Boris Karloff, would host the show, and each week, there were, three short subject, horror stories.

Same premise as Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

The first time I saw it, a horror short called, "A wig for Ms. Venture", scared the heck out of me.

From what I remember, the woman wore a wig, and when she took it off, she became a hideous


After that, I watch it every week(Friday), until it went off the air.


I remember one other episode, I think called, "I want your face", where, a man has a hideous

monster face. No one knew him, he stayed hidden.

One day he was discovered, and this one newsman, was astounded by the man's face.

The newsman, would say to the hideous man, I want your face, got to have your face, over,

and over again, day after day. Until one day, woke up, to discover, in horror, he had that mans face.


I saw many of these horror classics, but I never remembered the plots. Anyone remember these?.

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I love the old Thriller shows and have the episode you mentioned, but it is called A WIG FOR MISS DEVORE and it starred Patricia Barry as a fortiesh movie star who dons the wig and looks twenty again--the only drawback is once you put it on , you can't take it off or you will turn into a monster. If I am not mistaken NICKELODIAN owns the series~

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I think "Boris Karloff Presents" was the syndication name for "Thriller" which was on TV from 1960-62.


Favorite episodes of "Thriller" include:

"The Cheaters," a cursed pair of eyeglasses.

"Well of Doom,"

"The Devil's Ticket"

"Terror in Teakwood" severed hands

"Prisoner in the Mirror"

"The Weird Tailor"

"The Grim Reaper" haunted painting

"What Beckoning Ghost?"

"La Strega"

"The Incrdible Dr. Markesan," starring Karloff

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Donna Douglas and William Shatner were in "The Hungry Glass," which is another good "thriller" episode. Douglas appeared only briefly, as the character whose narcissism began the curse back in the 19th Century. Shatner played the modern guy who is destroyed by the haunted house.


"Prisoner in the Mirror" is about the mirror of the magician Cagliostro.

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