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Celebrating the National Tango Day

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Today is the National Tango Day, an informal event created in 1980 to have a good excuse to gather together with friends on Carlos Gardel's and Julio De Caro's birthday.


So to celebrate, I leave you for now a clip of an obscure silent film, from Argentina, that is preserved by Roberto Di Chiara but I guess that, if things continue as they are now, we are not going to see.


The film is called LA DAMA DE MEDIANOCHE which is a 1924 coproduction between Argentina, Brasil and Italy and it stars Leticia Quaranta y Carlo Campogalliani, who also directed. Produced by Argentine pioneer Federico Valle, the film has a interesting feature, that you can see in the clip.


The tango that the couple is dancing is called "Buenos Aires" by Manuel Jov?s and future director Manuel Romero. The score is available online, if somebody wants it.



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Here is a musical theme that was performed by the bandoneon duo of Pedro Maffia and Pedro Laurenz that they used to play in the Select Lavalle movie theater back in 1926.


The tango is called "Pura ma?a", by Maffia himself and here is the sheet music, with his photo (I rescued myself, after correcting the name printed in the score since the tango was improperly credited to his brother!):








Here is the unrestored and slightly incomplete recording of the tango by the Maffia-Laurenz duo for the Victor Talking Machine microphone (the duo's first electric recording) from 07/11/1926.




to download: http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/42156959-31d4-438e-8ef1-dd73e6d20fbc/183.--Pura-Ma%C3%B1a(T)Pedro-Maffia--c-Pedro-Laurenz-y-Pedro-Maffia.1926.-RCA


This tango is from a series that I restored six years ago. It was extremely difficult to reconstruct this recording, and I occasionally abandoned the project due to the difficulties I was unable to overcome (I am no engineer). But I was finally able to recreate the original recording which has been destroyed to the point that it has vanished from the RCA Victors archives.


If you want the restoration, let me know and I will post it.


For primitve tangos, here are two by Juan Maglio "Pacho", with their sheet music that he recorded for Columbia in 1912 that were the ones that imposed the recording industry in Buenos Aires. In those early days, movies were played in cafes were you could find orchestras (actually a quartet) like this one.


I myself tried to restore the second score (to make it readable). The recordings were restored by H?ctor Lorenzo Lucci for a 1983 reprint by CBS records (when the company was still known as Columbia):









Music by Juan Maglio (Pacho)

Performer: Orquesta T?pica "Pacho"

Recording label: Columbia

Record number: T-520

Master disc: 56606

Recorded in 1912

? Columbia Graphophone, Co.




to download : http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/cd8a459d-64a4-4b18-9f8a-752dc7541b0d









Music by Juan Maglio (Pacho)

Performer: Orquesta T?pica "Pacho"

Recording label: Columbia

Record number: T-522

Master disc: 56609

Recorded in 1912

? Columbia Graphophone, Co.




to download: http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/af1202e0-2276-49ff-b670-118e6de285df

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