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The Mortal Storm (1940)

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This is a pretty good movie, thrilling ending too. But what makes it so special, in my mind, is the cast. It has James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. It also has Frank Morgan, Robert Young, Robert Stack, Bonita Granville and Maria Ouspenskaya. What a cast! Knowing the roles several of these actors made famous later (e.g. on TV) makes the roles they play in this film all the more interesting, I think.


Now the best news yet, for those who've yet to see it, it's going to be shown in January! Feaito, I'm still waiting to hear what you thought of it since I put it in the 21 questions trivia game and you said you had it taped. If you've had a chance to watch it, reply with your comments if you please. Thanks.

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I saw THE MORTAL STORM some time ago and thought it was very good. Margaret Sullavan & James Stewart are wonderful. I read in a Stewart biography that in real life he was in love with Sullavan for many years. I remember seeing Robert Stack in an interview (maybe on TCM) talking about the making of the film and an unpleasant German official who visited the set. Margaret Sullavan was also great in BACK STREET (1941).

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Whenever I see a film about people being persecuted, especially Jews by Nazis, I want to yell

"Get out!, Get out while you still can, leave everything, but save yourselves, before it's too late".

But of course this is all hindsight being 20/20. They of course thought that the laws would protect them, that things couldn't be as bad as it seemed.

But when the government takes away your rights as citizens, it's time to go. If there is someplace to go to.

Someone said " The only thing we learn from history, is that we learn nothing from history".

America is now at a point where we seem to be losing the Rule of Law.

That the rich and powerful are above the law, and can do whatever they like with no consequences.

This is how it has always been to some degree, but the rule of law is degrading to the point where

Our nations leader is a flagrant criminal who loves only himself, and has only his own benefit guiding him.

And a portion of the population follows him and think he's great.

I truly believe that if this isn't stopped at the next election then we have reached the tipping point, and it's time to get out while we can.

The Moral Storm is blowing again! 2-15-2020

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