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Your Favorite Scene in Woody Allen Film?

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I swear I thought I had responded to this thread already, but I can't find my name anywhere, so I must have imagined it. My all-time favorite scene is the chilling conversation between the characters played by Martin Landau and Allen himself in Crimes & Misdemeanors, but if you want something more comic, the scene in Take the Money and Run when he's playing the cello for the marching band in a parade is hard to beat.

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Thanks, TikiSoo, for starting this thread. I love Woody Allen.


It's impossible to come up with one favourite scene, but off-hand....

For funny, I'd say that scene in Manhattan in which Woody confronts his friend about  his immoral behaviour  (he's married, and he's having an affair), and the friend accuses him of being too self-righteous  " You think you're God, or something", to which Woody replies, "Hey, I gotta model myself after someone."


For a purely touching moment ( and Woody's movies are full of these, truly moving without being in the least sentimental, one of the things I admire about him):


The final scene in Broadway Danny Rose, when Mia Farrow's character realizes that  despite all her efforts to forget him, she must see Woody again. She rushes to his apartment and knocks on his door. Woody opens it, and when he sees her standing there, his face sort of crumples. And inside, all the sad losers are enjoying their Thanksgiving party, in Woody's shabby little flat. It's incredibly sweet and sad, like a Chaplin movie. It almost makes me cry, every time.

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