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poem for classic movie lovers


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Hi, all. My daughter, now 15, has been an avid fan of classic movies since about age 10. She's a little different from her peers, to say the least. Her ambition is to be a director or screenwriter, and I think she'll get there. In honor of her love of movies, I wrote this poem I'd like to share with you all:


Celluloid Girl


When she dreams, she sees

Jimmy and that six-foot rabbit,

From the black-and-white days

Long before her birth.


Maybe it?s a past life

That makes Bogie?s fedora,

And Kate?s trousers

So familiar to her eyes.


She keeps looking out

That rear window, as she traces

Alfred?s curved profile

On her bedroom wall.


When she dreams, she sees

Flickering orphans with no voices,

Dancing in sepia tones

To lonely piano scores.



When she feels, she feels

Silken gowns worn by Grace or Joan,

And the sting of Elizabeth?s tongue

On that hot tin roof.


When she listens, she hears

Digging in the night,

And a baseball thumping

Against the prison wall.


She?s a celluloid girl

With a Woodward ponytail

And those hazel eyes

In love with light and shadow.


Film lives had texture, depth and story.

Tragic flaws in bed with comic virtues

All soft-focused to cushion the blow.


I see it in her now, light and shadow.

Film unwinds shadows of frames

Across her small face.


Bacall?s sultry eyes burn,

?You can whistle, can?t you, Steve?

Just put your lips together...and blow.?


Joanne Sprott, 2007

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Thanks to all of you for your positive replies. Glad you enjoyed the poem. We'll see how my daughter does with film. She'll be taking her first class on it next year, I think, in high school. So far, she's doing still photography. My son, who is about to graduate from college, is primarily a still photography, but also does art videos. As far as TCM is concerned, I'm looking forward to the Astaire marathon on New Year's Eve. I love dancing!


Lady Joanne

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That was a lovely poem and I wish your daughter success if she does go into the movie business. It sure could use a pick me up from some young people with good taste :).


I like the idea of a thread about poems classic movies/movie stars and while I haven't written any, it reminded me of one that Kim (aka Mrs. Cooper) found in a scrapbook she won on ebay that someone had put together long ago about Gary Cooper.


*An Evening with Gary*


"You may have your noisy racketeers

To make the public wary,

But I will take for happiness

An evening spent with Gary.

Chavalier has to grin a lot

And Fairbanks leap and prance

But Gary has them all washed up

With just his melting glance.


Some say his eyes are blue, some gray;

I can't tell, I will confess

that I don't care what others say,

I like their tenderness.


I'd walk through Bagdad unafraid,

And if a thug grew bolder,

I'd never even turn a lash,

If I had Gary's shoulder.


Though sometimes I doze at the movies

And I wake in a sort of stupor,

Believe you me, I don't close an eye

When watching Gary Cooper."


If anybody has any other poems feel free to post them here for all to enjoy.

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