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The Fruits of White Supremacy-- Murder and Violence

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David Neiwert @DavidNeiwert


1) For some reason, folks on the right have extremely short memories when it comes to acts of right-wing political violence.

This is especially the case when they are in the middle of a propaganda campaign to make "the left" look violent.

A long thread with lots of pix follows.

here's a timeline that follows, of right-wing killers of the past decade. All of them targeting innocent people over political beliefs.

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7 hours ago, jakeem said:

A gunman who killed 2 people at a Kroger in Kentucky tried to enter a predominantly black church minutes before the attack, the police said. "I'm just thankful that all of our doors and security was in place," the church administrator said.

Gregory Bush was arrested Wednesday after two people were killed at a Louisville supermarket. On Thursday, he was charged with murder and wanton endangerment.


7 hours ago, jakeem said:

Matt McDermott Retweeted The New York Times

Maybe instead of the DHS Secretary grandstanding at the border, she could focus on the rampant white supremacist attacks against black communities?


4 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Kirstjen Nielsen said “every option is on the table“ to stop the flow of undocumented migrants nearing the southwest U.S. border



trump sets her priorities

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13 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Numerous terrorist attacks in America this week...

Not from people in a caravan

Not from people from Mexico

Not from people from Yemen

Not from people from Iran

Not from people from Syria

Not from people from Libya

All from white supremacists from America.



12 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Joyce Alene Retweeted Tony Posnanski

Domestic terrorism, committed by Americans who align with nationalist, white supremacist agendas, is a significant threat that has been virtually ignored by this administration. Trump is accountable for focusing on risks he profits from politically instead of on real ones.


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16 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Law enforcement officials have identified Robert Bowers, 46, as the suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Officials say social media postings believed to have come from Bowers are a focus of the investigation. https://cnn.it/2O8K7o0 


" Can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered.... I'm Goin In."--

Robert Bowers last social media posting before the shooting at the synagogue.

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18 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Bowers, accused of murdering at least 11 at a Pittsburgh synagogue, was a neo-Nazi who posted online about killing Jews—and raged at Trump for being insufficiently anti-Semitic




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2 hours ago, jakeem said:


6 minutes ago, Bogie56 said:
Critics say Trump has fostered the toxic environment for the political violence he denounces
The president, once hoping to fan fears of Central American migrants, is facing accusations that his tolerance of rising white nationalism is a greater threat.
By David Nakamura  •  Read more »

trump's politics of white nationalist identity--

David Duke and Richard Spencer know why they support Trump.

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21 hours ago, jakeem said:

While the probe into today's synagogue massacre is in its early stages, it's worth noting that white supremacists and other far-right extremists were responsible for 59% of all extremist-related fatalities in the U.S. last year (Anti-Defamation League Center on Extremism)

White supremacy is a cancer killing American freedom and democracy.

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On 10/27/2018 at 11:42 AM, jakeem said:

We've never had violent extremist groups saying that what they're doing is on behalf of the president.

With this president, that is what we've got.

Image result for rachel maddow terrorism


On 10/27/2018 at 11:27 AM, jakeem said:

Ronald Brownstein Retweeted Ashley Parker

Division is a feature, not a bug, of his political strategy. Trump's central message to his base is that they are endangered by a constantly evolving array of threats that don't look like them & he is their last line of defense vs. them. Heightening anger/fear is his major fuel

trump's white nationalist identity politics

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6 hours ago, jakeem said:
A husband and wife. A pair of brothers. A trusted doctor. A 97-year-old grandmother. These are the victims of the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting


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53 minutes ago, jakeem said:

A mixed reception seems likely for President's planned visit to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Some members of the Jewish community say he is not welcome until he denounces white nationalism. But others, including a rabbi of the synagogue that was attacked, say he is welcome to visit

Tree of Life Rabbi Myers: “I am a citizen. He’s my president. He is certainly welcome.” (via CNN);

Meantime, Mayor Peduto: “If the president is looking to come to Pittsburgh, I would ask that he not do so while we are burying the dead.” (first funerals are tomorrow)  (NYT)


53 minutes ago, mr6666 said:

The HillVerified account @thehill 1h1 hour ago


Nearly 45,000 people sign letter saying Trump's not welcome in Pittsburgh until he denounces white nationalism http://hill.cm/nzbLjax 


Charlottesville, trump, neo-nazis: "some very fine people".

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3 hours ago, mr6666 said:

Seth AbramsonVerified account @SethAbramson 6m6 minutes ago


When Trump announces the country is being "invaded" when it is NOT,

and sends troops to the border as though there's a military conflict when there is NOT,

the media has every right to say Trump is emulating Hitler's use of the Reichstag Fire to stoke domestic panic pre-election.

I don't know and if Fox viewers and Republicans in general are in a panic.

But I do know for sure that the alleged synagogue shooter was greatly influenced and upset by the fake news conspiracy about this Invasion. We know that because he put it on his social media website just prior to the shooting.

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48 minutes ago, jakeem said:

In an interview from today, set to air tonight, the president continues to call the migrant caravan an "invasion"

The exact same rhetoric that set off the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter



3 minutes ago, Princess of Tap said:

I don't know and if Fox viewers and Republicans in general are in a panic.

But I do know for sure that the alleged synagogue shooter was greatly influenced and upset by the fake news conspiracy about this Invasion. We know that because he put it on his social media website just prior to the shooting.


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On 10/31/2018 at 4:58 PM, mr6666 said:

Trump admin will apparently not renew program to fight domestic terror

The Trump administration had already canceled a grant for a group that fights white supremacist terror.


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NBC NewsVerified account @NBCNews 24m24 minutes ago


Billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer was sent another package,

a week after authorities intercepted similar pipe bomb packages addressed to him and others at various locations across the country, the FBI said.



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1 hour ago, jakeem said:

Trump is barnstorming the country with a racist midterm message reminiscent of President Andrew Johnson's disastrous 1866 campaign.



He's copying Andrew Johnson-- if Trump knew American history, he would know that's not a good idea.

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3 hours ago, jakeem said:

President Trump insists he deserves "no blame" for what he called the "hatred" in the country. @ABC identified at least 17 criminal cases where Trump's name was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence, or allegations of assault https://abcn.ws/2DkODyR 


 neo-nazis: " some very fine people ".

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9 hours ago, jakeem said:

Proud Boys attack. Bombs sent to Democrats. Black people executed. Jews murdered at a synagogue. Women killed at a yoga studio. Trump's call to arms is working.



The Central Park 5 / birther president

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28 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Trump accuses @Yamiche, who is black, of asking "such a racist question" when she presses him on whether he is encouraging white nationalists by declaring himself a nationalist.

This is what happens when trump actually has to face reality. It's totally upends him because

he lives in a world of psychotic narcissism.

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