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Cat in movie Hell Below

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I just watched Hell Below (1933, Walter Houston, Robert Montgomery), a powerful submarine drama set in WW I, where people died tragically, faced impossible situations, and made remarkable personal sacrifices. However, all I can think about is that dead cat! If you've seen the movie, you know what I mean. It appears to be a real animal and it is either drugged or dead. I did a little internet research, but couldn't find any information. The movie is pre-code, so there were no animal rights advocates hanging around the set. Can anyone provide any info?

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I doubt if you are going to find any information on the cat.  My first reaction is that it was drugged.  I can't imagine Madge Evans, Walter Huston and Robert Montgomery would associate themselves with a project that killed an animal for the sake of a scene.  However, judging from the carnage done to horses in Westerns, I can't put it past them.

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Yeaah. I love animimals and hate to see them mis-treated-even in films. In this case as the cat was laid on the table, I was quite relieved that it was breathing. Even after a western shoot-out I try to see if I see movement of breathing. The actors do it well and can't detect it.

I always try-for the fun of it-to find inconsistencies in the film or show, like a person walking in from a snow-fall but the snow does not melt; or when a person walks on the snow but no foot prints as well as the snow platform pops up again as they walk on it ( as if you were walking on a pop-up card board or something). You will see it near the end of the movie Borrowed Hearts. My wife and I chuckle at that every time we see this part of the movie.

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