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Empty Barrel Kelly: Does He Want To Run The United States of America Like GTMO? -- No Questions Asked...

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This comment is disappointing: We are in Africa to "teach them how to respect human rights".


One of the things I was hoping for from the current administration was less international involvement.    Less the USA being the world-police.     That was one of the valid points Trump made in his U.N. speech.


I made this point related to North Korea (stopping them from developing Nukes and long range missiles is NOT a direct US issue and the USA was doing 99% of the work the U.N.  refused to do.  


Also with regards to Syria (where the USA should have stayed out of their civil war).   Here the current admin got it right. 


So Kelly,  which is it????    This admin clearly doesn't have a consistent foreign policy.  






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Let’s Compare John Kelly’s Lie About Rep. Frederica Wilson With Reality-



"...It is jarring to listen to Kelly’s description of Wilson’s behavior and then hear the entirely respectful and generous remarks she actually delivered.


The contrast gives us a chance to see just how much the White House chief of staff’s perception of reality, like that of his boss, seems to be distorted by a free-floating and wide-ranging resentment at how modern American society has changed from the imagined paradise they grew up in in the 1950s."





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The Intercept Retweeted


John Kelly is Michael Flynn with better table manners. @tinyrevolution on how Trump's generals are part of problem, not saving us from it.




"It Didn’t Just Start Now: John Kelly Has Always Been a Hard-Right Bully............


.....even before Kelly’s ugly performance Thursday, there was no reason to hope he would put any kind of brake on Trump. Kelly may be personally far more palatable; he’s certainly no mewling coward like Trump and has unquestionably put his life where his mouth is.

That goes for his children as well .......even as Trump’s kids are the living embodiment of every criticism Kelly makes about U.S. society.


But there’s a reason these two men found each other. They see the world in fundamentally the same way, and Kelly is going to help Trump do what he wants to it."




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VoteVets Retweeted Washington Post.....

Washington PostVerified account @washingtonpost


From The Post's Editorial Board: John Kelly owes the congresswoman an apology



VoteVetsVerified account @votevets 7h7 hours ago

We agree. John Kelly must apologize and correct the record.

Every day he doesn't, his legacy and trustworthiness badly erode.





-no more chance of that than seeing ANY Trump apology about ANYthing!



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6 hours ago, jakeem said:

Kelly: The US should admit between zero and one refugees per year: report http://hill.cm/iBgmvPv 


And Kelly wants to tell all black US  Congresswomen that they do not have freedom of speech--

And that US Military Widow's are Liars--


AND  that Female Marines being raped in the Marine Corps are being held sacred.


BTW-- and that you can't criticize him or argue with him because he's a four-star general.

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2 hours ago, jakeem said:

I guess we're finally seeing some limitations on the white male privilege of even a four-star general.

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On 10/22/2017 at 10:50 PM, Princess of Tap said:
On 10/22/2017 at 10:48 PM, jakeem said:


Rep. Wilson hits back at Trump:_Niger is his Benghazi http://cnn.it/2yGotS5


So is Wilson saying that Hillary Clinton made made mistakes with regards to Benghazi and then tried to cover up those mistakes by lying to Congress and this is why N-i-g-e-r is Trump's Benghazi?     

Because if not (I.e. Wilson believes Clinton was unfairly targeted with regards to Benghazi),  then she must also believes Trump and his admin are being unfairly targeted with regards to N-i-g-e-r  (otherwise why compare the two).



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Seems like Trump is rubbing off on Kelly than vice versa. Not only

did he give a shout out to Bobby Lee, he also found it strange that

Columbus would be judged negatively. Back in the day it was apparently

okay to kill tens of thousands of people. 

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2 hours ago, jakeem said:
Kelly tried to pressure Acting Homeland Security chief to deport thousands of protected immigrants: report http://hill.cm/gZdLcCG 


 These were Central American immigrants who came here as  Asylum Seekers due to natural disaster and/or  bloody civil unrest.

 These immigrants are  from Honduras; therefore most of them would be classified as mestizos--not white people. They have been in this country for around 20 years and have caused no problems.

 The Acting Homeland Security Secretary did not allow a pressuring call from Kelly from Asia

--asking her to immediately kick these people out --

 to force her hand.

She simply declined to make a final decision, which automatically gave the Hondurans 6 more months of extended residency.


Again Kelly is showing us that he is just another garden-variety racist-- nothing very special about him. No respect for the black female US Congresswoman-- it was okay to attack her and lie about her--

he doesn't have to apologize. LMREO


The Civil War was not fought to put down white supremacy and slavery-- according to Kelly.  And these white supremacist -Pro slavery Confederate leaders were "Honorable Men" who were leading  the "honorable cause" of states rights. LMREO


So it's  okay to throw these people out because, after all, they 'don't look like real Americans anyway'.


 Kelly fits right in with trump's bigotry and I doubt that he's going to be much of a humanizing influence on him in the future.

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On 10/20/2017 at 5:50 PM, TalkTalk123 said:
 "If you want to go after General Kelly, if you want to go after a four-star Marine general, that's highly inappropriate," she said.








couldn't be. liberals including their news media support our military.:lol:

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I wasn't aware we're not allowed to criticize the generals. Also Kelly is not a general anymore he's in the Administration and he's fair game.

How many people in America still wish that we had criticized General Westmoreland and General Curtis LeMay a little more.

8 hours ago, NipkowDisc said:

couldn't be. liberals including their news media support our military.:lol:

But as far as Kelly is concerned--it doesn't matter if he's a general, or  a president, or just an ordinary citizen--

Anybody who has any morality will call out a racist anytime they see one. And that's just what I'm doing now --

Empty Barrel Kelly is a racist.

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5 hours ago, jakeem said:

Chief of Staff John Kelly not backing down from today’s “some would say [dreamers] were too lazy to get off their ****” comment. Tonight he told reporters this: “I gotta say that some of them just should have probably gotten off the couch and signed up”

First it was the black Congresswoman Frederica Wilson who was An Empty Barrel, according to John Kelly because she was a grandstander and a liar.

But it turns out that John Kelly was the liar and the grandstander, who never apologized for slandering this public servant.

Now Kelly has found a new Empty Barrel in the DACA Generation, who are all Latinos and, for the most part, of Mexican ethnicity.

Kelly's racism and bigotry is transparent, just as that of his boss-- two bigoted peas in a pod.


 The only Empty Barrel in all this is the racist Kelly. His own people came over here on ships trying to flee the Irish Potato Famine in the nineteenth century. 


#Save US

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if liberals and democrats think our immigration laws in total represent bigotry than why doan they just say so?...

no borders? no culture? no country

"not yet, bub. not yet you don't." -paul newman, sometimes a great notion


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On 9/19/2017 at 8:19 PM, Princess of Tap said:

Kelly's recent Behavior has disappointed many who thought that he might become a humanizing influence on trump.

Kelly had made some good remarks about civility in government early on; but Trump brings out the worst in people, not the best, and that is what appears to have happened with Mr. Kelly.

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