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What a potentially great film (finally got hold of a copy), a big hit

MGM musical that boasted Bessie Love, Charles King, Jack Benny, Marie

Dressler, and Polly Moran.


What a shame that all the Technolor is gone from the existing print,

and even worse, so are all the big production numbers! Title cards

appear to tell us where the numbers USED to be. Even the audio is gone.


Indeed we miss Bessie Love leading a chorus in "Everybody Tap," Charles

King singing "Love Ain't Nothing' but the Blues." and Marie Dressler

singing "My Dynamic Personality." Also the entire finale of "Happy Days

Are Here Again" is also gone. Thanks to Richard Barrios for listing the

missing songs in a footnote in A SONG IN THE DARK.


The few numbers that are left aren't too great. King sings "Lucky Me

and Lovable You" to Love (who does not sing). But they do a short dance

number. Dressler does an early number on the train, and Nina Martan

(odd spelling) also sings one song.


In this backstage musical about an acting company traveling across

country in a show called "Goodbye Broadway," we get the usual stories

about jealousy, love, etc. Love is adorable as Carlie, King is better

than he was in THE Broadway MELODY, Benny is funny, and of course

Dressler and Moran steal every scene they're in. George K. Arthur has a

small role as a (gay?) member of the troupe, and so does Gwen Lee as

the member who quits early on, requiring them to hire Martan. Eddie

Phillips plays the smarmy lover.


After smash hits with THE Broadway MELODY and Hollywood REVUE OF 1929,

MGM launched this musical with its A Cast, but by the time the film hit

theaters, the craze for musicals was winding down. Revue films were so

unpopular that MGM included "Not a Revue" in its advertising for

CHASING RAINBOWS. Bessie Love was MGM's #1 musical star of the time,

and Marie Dressler and Polly Moran are just plain hysterically funny



Let's hope these Technicolor musical numbers are found some day. What a

treat that would be!


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