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Okay Mods, about two hours after I made the above post, some (but not all) of the movies "missing in action" these last four days (since late Monday night, 12/17/2018), suddenly began showing up on the WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND title list (as of early Friday evening 12/21/2018).
However, out of the 56 features that TCM aired from early Tues morning 12/18 thru early Fri evening 12/21 (6pm Eastern time), only 32 are presently listed as available on WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND.
That's only 57% of the pictures broadcast during that interim.
For as long as WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND has been in existence (except during such times as these) their track record has been averaging at least 85-90% of TCM's "live" broadcasts.
In order to crack the 85 percentile another 15 movies (at minimum) should be included from the above interim period. 
Still prominently missing are the Disney movies that aired Tuesday night, several of which prominently displayed that "Also Available On WATCH TCM" screen logo at the end of their broadcast. Likewise NONE of the Dick Powell movies which TCM aired Thursday night. And only two of the nine features which aired Friday day are accounted for.
This is truly abysmal and after such an extreme delay, only adds insult to the injury already inflicted upon TCM's fans! 

I am not pompous enough to believe that my (or perhaps any of our) posts about this recent neglect had anything to do with the movies that have suddenly appeared...
Nor am I certain that any of the MODs here actually decided to suddenly forward any of our posts or concerns to someone at TCM, stirring them into this sudden flurry of action.
Though we are all relieved that WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND is still with us (for at least another week), what has happened (again) is still inexcusable neglect by TCM and "someone" at TCM deserves a severe "spanking" (at the very least) for (again) putting their fan base through this unnecessary stress and turmoil!

However I don't wish to belittle the fact that at least "someone" at TCM finally realized what was (again) happening (or rather Not happening) and actually did something about it.
IF that action was in fact the result of Moderator intercession upon our behalf, then please sound off about it, so we can give you the well deserved praise.
(acknowledge it with a reply in this thread, or start a new thread if you choose).
If not, then continue to remain silent and I (and others) will chalk it up to coincidence that someone at TCM finally "woke up" and began doing what they should have been doing all along.
On the chance that it might be the former, and not the latter, I am asking you to please remind those at TCM that the "job" of correcting this recent "problem" is still far from complete as there are still several titles missing in action!

Of course we are all hoping that TCM will "stay on top of their game" here on out and not put us through this kind of frustrating garbage again.
However I've been around here long enough to realize that is an impossible dream that TCM has never yet managed to turn into a reality, but TCM should be made aware that with the "new" ATT ownership, whenever TCM "behaves" this way, the fears that TCM/ATT is "doing away" with WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND will quickly rise...
So let us hope that this kind of "incident" will not occur again (for at least another several months, or so...)
Here's to hoping.:unsure:

And please don't be shy about letting us know if (or when) you guys actually intervene every now and then on our behalf around here.
Long ago Mods used to actually communicate with the posters about such things here.
And though it may not be formally written in your "job description" a vital part of a Moderators vocation is intercession on behalf of their posters.
In a forum such as this, a little "shared" information goes a long way!

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4 hours ago, Marysara1 said:

3 of the Disney movies. Absent-minded professor ,Strongest Man Alive and Gus  seem to be on Watch TCM after the cartoons that are before them. You'll have to watch the cartons first.

Thank you Mary for providing that information.
I forgot that the WATCH TCM uploaders combine the cartoons with the main feature, but rather than list the main feature title, will just list the title of the cartoon instead.
They also frequently combine and list "short features" in that same manner.

I watched part of the "live" broadcast of THE WORLD's GREATEST ATHLETE (1973) and the "Also Available On WATCH TCM" logo popped up at the tail end. So that one is still MIA.
Unsure about THE SON OF FLUBBER (1963) which is also missing from that night.

Still the number of movie titles present this week (as it presently stands) is far below the past WATCH TCM ON-DEMAND average. Whether this is just the aftershock of this latest TCM fiasco, or becomes the new "norm" for WATCH TCM, remains to be seen... ???

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I can NEVER get through entire movie w/o buffering. I mean NEVER. I love TCM but in the end I end up watching something else bcuz the streaming issues are just too abundant. Please improve soon so I can come back and watch the great content

😢 NG 

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I am no computer guru but it stands to reason if you have an overly bloated website there are going to be problems. Can't you separate Watch TCM from the main site? There is too much of everything. Make it easier.

When I watch the movies I have no controls whatsoever in the video player. The movie plays and I can't even pause it if I have to leave the room for a minute.

TCM is a great channel and I would hope you would want a great website as well.

Since this thread has been started in October 2017 and it is July 2019, I don't see any resolution in the near future.

We have to live with the quirks and hope for the best.

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There is a pause icon on the bottom-left of the screen with the live feed. You can also move the blue line under the movie image. I only have my tablet just now, or I would do a screen capture. You can rewind and forward with the blue line. That isn't obvious.

I have an Amazon tablet with Google Play slipped in.

(They would rather I didn't)

I only use Watch TCM when I read of someone having trouble.

I use the Opera browser in desktop mode and Watch TCM just now tested okay. (Amazon Fire Tablet 10 inch)

The blue line shows the movie progress. All the player functions go away after a few seconds. I have to tap my screen to get them back. That is normal so you can enjoy the movie uncluttered.

The player could be improved. My tablet is very basic and Watch TCM streams fine. Moving Watch TCM to another location should not make a difference. I don't have issues with the primary TCM site.

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  • 2 months later...

Is anyone else having this problem? The TCM Watch app on Apple TV won't keep me logged in from one viewing session to the next. It's a pain in the butt to have to go through the process every time just to watch a film. (Go to separate device, visit TCM's "activate" web page, verify xfinity service, type in alpha-numeric code, etc.) I don't experience this with most other portals. Netflix and Hulu never require me to go back to square one to log in.

Once logged in, I don't have trouble watching a film (except if I want to fast-forward or rewind, which is next to impossible for some reason, but that seems to be baked-in to the design).

If anyone else has encountered this constantly-having-to-re-log-in problem, did you find a solution? As it is, it's a major disincentive to using the portal.

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