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Now Watching: Blacula (1972)


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Blacula (1972) - TCM On Demand

w/ William Marshall, Vonetta McGee, Denise Nicholas, Thalmus Rasulala, Gordon Pinsent, Charles Macaulay and Elisha Cook, Jr.

Considering Hollywood's predilection for remakes and reboots of more recent horror movies (Halloween in 2007, Friday The 13th in 2009, A Nightmare On Elm Street in 2010, etc.), I am surprised that remakes of this and other horror movies from the early 1970s have yet to occur.

Granted, Blacula would require multiple revisions to make it contemporary for audiences of the late 2010s (As an obvious example, its treatment of homosexuality is very uncomfortable to watch and wouldn't be repeated today.). And it is quite possible that that title itself would trigger a negative backlash. But it is a recognizable title and the movie's basic storyline is still very viable.

Of course, if they remade this one, who could fill Mr. Marshall's shoes as Mamuwalde? He'd be a tough act to follow.

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I own this on VHS. It is a good time capsule of 1970s film making. No need for a remake since the reason this is so good is because it is such a product of it's time. The fashions, the politically incorrect language and the music are some of reasons why it is enjoyable. William Marshall is excellent in the title role and he plays it completely straight, which also brings this one up a notch.

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