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drumpf's (aka trump's) ALL-TIME GREATEST HITS-- GRAB 'EM BY THE "***** " & MUCH MORE

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4 hours ago, jakeem said:


Elderly white American man with dementia lost in the British Isles.

Last seen in Ireland in an expensive limo with a silly black hat.

If you spot him, don't approach him, he can become highly argumentative:

Is living under the delusion he's the president of the United States.

If you spot him notify authorities immediately.

 Relatives back in the US say he's under the impression the Queen has invited him to dinner and he's on his way to Buckingham Palace.



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20 hours ago, hamradio said:

How about people submitting their ideas in a contest?


That looks like a crude piece of artwork that would be fitting on a stock-car car racing car, a racing tractor pull tractor, or some vulgar wrestling performer.

Certainly not befitting and below the dignity of the office of the presidency--

But probably just right for the current crass occupant  of the Oval Office.

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On 6/5/2019 at 8:21 AM, jakeem said:

New York lawmakers have voted to ban the declawing of cats — bringing it one step closer to being the first state in the country to do so.




Wonder if NY furniture stores rooting for this bill? $$$




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1 hour ago, jakeem said:

Here's partial text from Trump's Mexico "deal"

He would not show us the one-page piece of paper on the South Lawn, but sunlight illuminated part of it. H/t @brandonknappCNN



49 minutes ago, jakeem said:

For a brief history of Donald Trump and pieces of paper, let's recall the time he appeared with stacks of manila folders, which reporters were not allowed to examine to see if the "documents" had printing on them...

President-elect Donald J. Trump at a news conference at Trump Tower on Wednesday.


29 minutes ago, jakeem said:

...and the time he "wrote" his inaugural address on a notepad that may or may not have had any writing on it



1 hour ago, jakeem said:

"I just received a beautiful letter from Kim Jong un," President Trump says. "I can't show you the letter, obviously. But it was very personal, very warm." He says he got it yesterday and "something will happen that's going to be very positive."


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7 hours ago, jakeem said:


Image result for obama tan suit

Presidential and GQ


7 hours ago, jakeem said:
But I liked the tan suit. Obama is a dapper guy, unlike some folks we know...
Image result for obama and trump who wore it best

Will the most popular President in the 21st century, please give us a smile and make her majesty laugh.

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3 hours ago, jakeem said:

President now at his usual Sunday destination: his Virginia golf course. Speaking of “Fake News” - he hung phony covers of Time mag. with his face and also installed this plaque to honor a Civil War battle - that historians say never happened


This is a rock-solid trump lie.

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11 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Donald Trump rejected an allegation by journalist E. Jean Carroll that he sexually assaulted her in the 1990s.

He said he never met her and accused her of making up the allegations to sell books


9 minutes ago, jakeem said:


9 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Chris Lu Retweeted Laura Litvan

If you're going to say "I never met this person in my life," you might want to read the article first to see if there's a photo of you meeting that person.

" Who's David Duke?"

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On 6/21/2019 at 7:21 PM, jakeem said:

Adam Schiff Retweeted Donald J. Trump

I guess the "joke" here is that Trump is president for life.

And, just like his last fake Time Magazine cover, it's a fantasy.

Voters will make him a one-term president.




On 6/21/2019 at 7:26 PM, jakeem said:

stuart stevens Retweeted Donald J. Trump

This is as close to taking out an ad that announces, “I’m insane” as you are likely to find.


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2 hours ago, jakeem said:

Sen. Lindsey Graham on E. Jean Carroll’s rape accusation of Trump:

“He’s denied it. That’s all I needed to hear.”


2 hours ago, jakeem said:

Rick Wilson Retweeted Sam Brodey

"The Maximum Leader cannot rape a woman. All women desire his seed and mount him willingly in order provide the nation with many strong sons from his perfect genetic stock."

We're about two weeks from THAT kind of explanation.


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1 hour ago, jakeem said:

Donald Trump's day so far:

- Deranged meltdown on Fox Business Channel

- Psychotic rant about USA soccer star Megan Rapinoe

- Trump clearly isn't taking the news of Robert Mueller's testimony well

- Impeachment is coming

- Trump is going to prison

- It's still only 11am


1 hour ago, jakeem said:

Trump's rant about how Twitter allegedly censors him is completely nonsensical

Image result for trump interview fox business bartiromo

Let the meltdown begin.

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22 minutes ago, mr6666 said:

Terrified Trump Writes Check to Biden Campaign

"......Trump took a break from the G-20 summit to watch the Thursday-night contest and emerged from the viewing “ashen and trembling,” one G-20 colleague said.

Later, Trump was overheard trying to enlist Russian President Vladimir Putin to support the Biden 2020 effort.

“Please, you’ve got to help Joe. He’s in trouble,” Trump pleaded with the Russian.

“Stop being such a baby,” Putin reportedly snapped.



Borowitz writes for the "New Yorker".

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9 hours ago, jakeem said:


9 hours ago, jakeem said:

Ivanka Trump’s dress cost 4,590 dollars.


Image result for ivanka and world leaders


9 hours ago, jakeem said:

Emily Brandwin Retweeted Molly Jong-Fast

Valentino Snowdrop print silk midi dress: $4,590

Being a colossal embarrassment on an international stage: Priceless

trump loves his daughter Ivanka so much that he charged the American people hundreds of thousands of dollars just so Ivanka could have a fun PLAYDATE with the international leaders of the world.

You only have to look at the faces of these world leaders to comprehend how bizarre it is for an American president to bring his daughter to an international Summit so that she could have fun and have something to do.

She was too stupid to handle the conversation with these high-powered world leaders, but that's okay because so was her father..

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8 hours ago, jakeem said:

Entertainment News:

Fans are excited about the reboot of 'Three's Company":

A father, along with his young blonde daughter, and one of his middle-aged male top aides,

all live together in a hotsy-totsy Suburban condo with pool and hot tub--

where anything can happen Just for kicks!

Their hygienically challenged next door neighbor, Steve Bannon, is always making excuses to knock on the door to borrow something because he wants to join all the fun.

But they never invite him in because apparently his shower doesn't work. LOL

Sitcom fun for the whole family.


*Sponsored by Republican Un- Affordable Private Healthcare Insurance,

with payments and deductibles going up faster than you can say GOP!

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9 hours ago, jakeem said:

Trump's brain is so broken and he's so obsessed with taking credit for everything, he just claimed homelessness started two years ago

Trump: "Uh, it's a phenomenon that started two years ago. It's disgraceful. I am going to maybe, and I'm looking at it very seriously, we're doing some other things as you probably noticed, like some of the very important things that we're doing now."

Image result for donald trump interview with tucker carlson


9 hours ago, jakeem said:

Joe Scarborough Retweeted jordan

Look at this clip. His cognitive decline is telling. Homelessness started two years ago? Littered streets began two years ago?

In all fairness trump is so narcissistic oh, he probably actually believes that homelessness started two years ago because that's when he first noticed it ! 

When you have a person who it's so puerile that he can't get past admiration for his own navel,

then  you're going to get comments like this. Abby Normal.....LOL

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