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drumpf's (aka trump's) ALL-TIME GREATEST HITS-- GRAB 'EM BY THE "***** " & MUCH MORE

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7 minutes ago, jakeem said:

It’s been 3 days since @realDonaldTrump was found in violation of the Constitution for blocking Americans from his twitter account where he makes official pronouncements. You’d think he could use part of Memorial Day Weekend to unblock U.S. Military Veterans he tried to silence.


 A Dubious Honor at Best

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4 hours ago, jakeem said:

Good morning, here's what you need to know today: http://bit.ly/2sLzXSh 


What does a rich jerk of a man, who had been surrounded by sycophants and yes -men all his life, do when world leaders--

Led by a German woman, a French man and a British woman-- look him in the eye and tell him to go jump in the lake.

What does he do?

It looks like he's holding his breath. LOL

BTW-- You gotta love that toddler body language!

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21 minutes ago, jakeem said:

"The clown who plays king (trump)

Can't Overthrow The Bedrock Values This Nation Was Founded On 242 Years Ago Today."

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59 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Deep in that Sun interview, Trump brags that his poll numbers with Republicans are even better than Lincoln's were. Lincoln died a decade before the telephone was invented and about eight decades before presidential approval polling began.

Trump: “You know, a poll just came out that I am the most popular person in the history of the Republican Party — 92 per cent. Beating Lincoln. I beat our Honest Abe."

As @mattklewis notes, George W Bush had 98% approval among Republicans in April 2002


trump concluded the interview by saying that only George Washington polled higher with the English public than he did.

As he was leaving trump threw a £2 coin across the Thames and yelled back to the Press,

"That's something that George Washington couldn't even do!"

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8 hours ago, jakeem said:


8 hours ago, jakeem said:


7 hours ago, jakeem said:

Raw ignorance: Scotland is part of Great Britain



3 hours ago, Bogie56 said:

The dotard who only thinks of himself walked in front of her when inspecting the guard.  He is a complete idiot and embarrassment.


‘Did Donald Trump just WALK IN FRONT OF THE QUEEN?’
On their walk together, the U.S. president literally eclipsed Queen Elizabeth II.
By Jennifer Hassan  •  Read more »


36 minutes ago, jakeem said:

The British public doesn't appear amused with President Trump walking in front of Queen Elizabeth II https://cnn.it/2KXKJAb 


 trump proving again that he is just as deplorable as the people who voted for him.

This doesn't only insult a whole nation, but it also shows that trump is no gentleman.

But everybody in the world already knew that. LMREO

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6 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

is that all the left has left? teenage punk level exhibitionism?

Not when it comes to Trump and his handing of anything related to Russia and Putin.

The left has 90% of GOP politicians and even a majority of Fox News journalist on their side! 

(not the hacks like Hannity or Ingraham but the real journalist like Chris Wallace).


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46 minutes ago, TomJH said:



Trump Denies His Attack On American Intelligence



Kelly: "I'll be the ventriloquist."

Bolton: " Okay, I know how to pull his strings."

Kelly: " It'll be okay if you only open his mouth when I talk."

Bolton: " I hope we can get away with this."


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