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drumpf's (aka trump's) ALL-TIME GREATEST HITS-- GRAB 'EM BY THE "***** " & MUCH MORE

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2 hours ago, jakeem said:



trump:  Dear God, please don't let them impeach me but, God's will be done.


 Michael Cohen (directly behind trump): Dear God, please let my testimony impeach trump, but not put me in jail; but God's will be done.


 Mike Pence( to the left of trump): God's will be done.

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22 minutes ago, noah80 said:



If you don't succeed, try try again. ........


Everything donald trump always wanted to learn was in kindergarten. Unfortunately he failed that grade several times and then just eventually gave up.

Recently as an example and an inspiration to dropouts everywhere, trump decided to go back and finally get that kindergarten diploma.

Even though he is charged with the most powerful and difficult office in the world, he felt like he should still find the time to go back to kindergarten and finish what he started so many years ago.

When asked what his favorite book was in kindergarten he had no problems with that answer:

" donald's favorite book is ' The Three Billy Goats ' and my favorite character is the troll. I want to grow up to be just like him."


 Hats off to Donald, and I'm sure he'll make a good troll one day.


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8 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Mexicans aren't paying for Trump’s wall. The GOP Congress doesn’t want to pay for it.

It’s looking more and more as if there will never be a wall.



The Great Wall of trump-- the 8th Wonder of the World


It's so different from the other 7 because it has never existed. LOL

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On 9/21/2018 at 5:45 AM, Bogie56 said:


There is something eye popping on just about every page of David Frum's book Trumpocracy.  Like Bob Woodward's Fear one of the themes of Trumpocracy is the question of what motivates the White Hosue staff to enlist and even stay on in such a crazy environment.  Is it to serve the president or to serve the nation and save it from the president?

Frum writes that those in the later camp of trying to protect the nation from the erratic president run the risk of doing wrong the closer they get to his inner circle.  How well do you know yourself and how sure are you that you will say no to him when the time comes?  And then I quote (page 90) ...

"And then humbly consider this second troubling question: If the Trump administration were as convinced as you are that you would do the right thing - would they have asked you in the first place?"


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18 hours ago, mr6666 said:

Trump Unable to Stop Caravan of Democratic Women Invading Washington

......“The Democrats are responsible for sending this caravan, and, frankly, it’s a disgrace,” he said. “They are sending some dangerous women.”

Elaborating on the threat posed by the caravan, Trump said, “Some of these women have fought in wars. They have fired guns. One of them is a mixed-martial-arts specialist. These are women who will kick your **** without hesitating.”

Trump denied that he was irresponsibly stoking fears about the caravan of females.

“Every Republican in Washington should be scared shitless of these women,” he said. “I know I am.”......




 You can see here that "The New Yorker" always maintains its Stellar reputation for humor.

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On 9/10/2018 at 6:13 PM, Princess of Tap said:

  if this is a multiple choice question, I would answer all of the above.

THAT FAT ****! GROSS!!!!!!!

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