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Raymond Burr just keeps amazing me

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20 hours ago, Sgt_Markoff said:

p.s. Thankfully I'm unfamiliar with the hashtag group you mentioned. But, it doesn't sound like anyone I'd care to have a beer with.... :blink:

You can't be present in our current culture or on the internet at all without being familiar with the MeToo movement. I suspect you're being disingenuous for some reason.

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No, I honestly have no idea what it is; though I can glean a little from the context in which you've all talked about it so far. In all likelihood; some kind of SJW group on either Facebook or Twitter. Sigh.

Yea, I generally pay attention only to things in life which matter to me. In this information age (mostly useless and unnecessary information) ignorance is sweet, sweet, bliss.

It's not a novel approach to living. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau wrote eloquently about it, in the early 1800s. Love those guys.

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If we were to start refusing to watch or otherwise consume art or entertainment

I'm not advocating such a deliberate or widespread practice; certainly not for myself nor anyone else. No need to prop up straw-men here. :huh:

As discussed above in this thread, nuttin' wrong with "drawing a line" wherever it personally suits one ...as long as one doesn't force others to toe it as well.

And really: seeing as how I've already consumed yrs and yrs of movies and television; it's not hurting me in the slightest to obey my revulsion at Burr's private life; (especially if it ever involved violence) or to avoid contemporary garbage like 'Human Centipede'.

Consider it this way: if I dislike broccoli, why should I eat broccoli? For the sake of being open-minded and egalitarian in my diet? We all have such filters, somewhere. No one consumes everything. 'Discrimination' is healthy: it indicates discernment. ^_^



which involves anyone guilty of any kind of wrong-doing ( and nowadays the bar for that is pretty low),

In this case, (a classic-era actor from the 'greatest generation', a man who was otherwise impeccable, talented, and above-board; not a death-row convict after all) there's every reason to embrace his works; and I've done that with other stars concealing warts far worse than his. Many's the time.

So I'm not applying a "wholesale ban" on anyone; I've already viewed Burr in most of his famous roles. I'm just saying I would not now be seeking out his more obscure stuff or going out of my way to further appreciate his talent which the OP hinted (via her own enthusiasm) might be worthwhile.

Is all this stated plainly enough, or shall I clarify further?


there'd be very little left to watch, read, view, or listen to.

H'mmm. In the case of some newly-coined star or celeb working today (when the bar is at its lowest) they've earned no credit with me to begin with, (there's already very much *going against them* actually) and I already shun/snub them. Thus, no dilemma. I'm not in the slightest discomfited. :rolleyes:

Appreciate the input ...pleasant way to pass some time...I hope the mild clash of these contradictory viewpoints doesn't ruffle anyone's feathers...

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It's like this: I used to enjoy an occasional bottle of saki whenever I dined at a sushi restaurant. Sometimes it was good and sometimes it was bad. Saki is an acquired taste. It can be pungent even under the best circumstances but usually it has a good buzz with it.

But then I happened to be chatting about it with someone and they mentioned how they didn't like it at all and they gave me a really concrete reason why they didn't like it. Something like, "it tastes like old sweat socks".

And you know what? They were exactly right.

So now whenever I eat sushi, I never order sake because that is really what saki often tastes like. The observation stuck in my head.

As I describe above, I've seen Burr in a bunch of his most famous flicks. I'm not missing out. But now when I look at him...well..yuck. I don't want even want to look at his face, its totally creepy to me now and I have no real interest in any scene he plays in.

I might find myself watching a flick with him in it; but I won't go out of my way to do so. If you still can't grasp it after the explanation above, then I suppose either I'm not explaining it well or its a prejudiced audience. Eh. Let it go..

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