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Signatures of dancers


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What would say are some of the "signatures" of your favorite dancers?


For Fred Astaire, what comes to mind are:


!. Full circle turns (so that is back often faces audience)


2. Top Hat, Tails, and Cane


3. Animated-joyful face when doing a fast (mostly apart from each other) tap duet with a talented female dancer.


4. Wild and frenzied kicking motions and seemingly off balance leaps and turns with his feet (that make you think that he is about to lose his balance and fall down). (See "Flying Down to Rio", "The Gay Divorcee", "Raberta", "Top Hat".



5.. Sand Dances. (See: "Top Hat" and "Belle of New York")


I Think Fred's Signature (and Masterpeice) duet dance is "Mr. and Mrs Hoofer at Home" dance

from "Three Little Words".


I think Fred Astaires signature solo dance is "Seeing is Believing" from "Belle of New York". (It highlighted his great balance (and wasn't full circle turns).



For Gene Kelly, what comes to mind are:


!. Irish jig-like dancing (See: "Singing in the Rain", "On the Town", "Take Me out to the Ballgame")


2. Straight-back, on his toes, ballet poise when dancing a duet with a female partner.


3. Tap dancing with his knees bent in a crouched (sitting) position, close to the ground (see: "Fit as a Fittle" from "Singing in the Rain".



4. Dancing with kids.


I think Gene Kelly's signature (masterpeice) duet dance is his dance on the carousel with Leslie Caron in the "An American in Paris" ballet.


I think Gene Kelly's signature solo dance is his irish-jig like sailor solo dance in the "On the Town" ballet.


For Eleanor Powell, what comes to mind are:


1. Her dancing in clothes usually associated with men (top hat and tails) (She looked great!)



2. Leaning backward and touching the floor while dancing.


3. Tapping close to the ground.


4. Acrobatic movements.


I think Eleanor's signature (masterpeice) duet is her beautiful ballroom dance with George Murphy in "The Broadway Melody of 1938".


I think Eleanor Powell's signature (masterpeice) solo dance is her "Broadway Rythum" number from "The Broadway Malody of 1938".


I expect some people will disagree with me on some of my choices.


Don't be shy. What are your choices?


PS. I have to keep editing my message because part of my message keeps not showing up on the board.


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