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Do you have a Cinerama theater near you?


The Cinerama company exists today as an entity of the Pacific Theatres chain. In recent years hard work by dedicated enthusiasts has made possible showings of surviving and new Cinerama prints, notably at:


the Pictureville Cinema at the National Media Museum in Bradford, England beginning in June 1993


the New Neon Cinema in Dayton, Ohio from 1996 to 1999


the refurbished Seattle Cinerama in Seattle beginning in 1999


Pacific Theatres? Cinerama Dome in Hollywood beginning in 2002.


In 1998, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen purchased Seattle's Martin Cinerama, which then underwent a major restoration/upgrade. In 1999 it reopened with a special multi-day program featuring screenings of most of the major Cinerama classics, which drew patrons from around the world.


As of 2004, the Pictureville Cinema, Martin Cinerama and Cinerama Dome continue to hold periodic screenings of three-projector Cinerama movies.


It is worth noting that the Cinerama Dome was designed for the three-projector system but never actually had it installed until recent years as it opened with the first of the single film 70 mm ersatz Cinerama films, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.


A 2003 documentary, Cinerama Adventure, took a look back at the history of the Cinerama process, as well as digitally recreating the Cinerama experience via clips of true Cinerama films (using transfers from original Cinerama prints). And Turner Entertainment (via Warner Bros.) has struck new Cinerama prints of How the West Was Won for exhibition in true Cinerama theatres around the world.


Below: Pacific Theaters' "Cinerama Dome" in Hollywood is now part of a 14-screen complex called Arclight Cinemas.



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The Cinerama Dome, which is just down the street from my home, as got to be the worst film venue I have ever had the misfortune to visit.


Because of the radical curvature of the screen (quite useless for showing anything other than true three-panel Cinerama), there are only a handful of seats in the house (in the front of the balcony) where the picture is not appallingly distorted at one, or both ends of the frame.


Add to it that the dome's design and construction lend atrocious acoustics to even the best and most polished soundtrack, and it's clear that one has to be a well-moneyed masochist to inflict Dome on him'herself.

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Does the Cinerama Dome ever play movies in true Cinerama???


I wish I had a Cinerama theater near me...


Until the Dome was refurbished a few years ago (to very little effect), they never did, including the heyday of the three-panel process that began in 1952, and concluded with HOW THE WEST WAS WON in 1963. Since then a couple of films have taken advantage of that all-out-of-proportion screen, but it's a question of too little, too late.

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