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Whit Bissell appreication thread


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Remember Whit Bissell ?

This man had some really good roles in many classic movies. There was a time I thought he was only in B movies from the 1950s ala I was a Teenage Werewolf, but after watching some classics & Noir be it on TCM or DVD I noticed he popped up in smaller but good meaty roles in Brute Force, the Big Combo, Somewhere in the Night..he was very versatile and was also in some Incredible Hulk TV shows as well,plus Falcon Crest, plus a whole lot more ...

WB not only stands for Warner Brothers..

It stands for the man known only as .........(drum role please)

Whit Bissell

Here's to ya ! :)


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I didn't realize how many noir films he appeared in until I listened to an Eddie Muhler commentary on one of my dvds and he joked about how Whit was one of the indispensable elements of a true noir. Now I find myself looking for him in each one I watch.


Here's to Whitney!



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Roger Ebert has The Stanton - Walsh Rule: No movie featuring either Harry Dean Stanton or M. Emmet Walsh in a supporting role can be altogether bad. I have the same rule, but call it The Whit Bissell Rule.


I grew up watching him on TV in the late-50's/early-60's, but, of course, only knew him by his face and voice, not his name. Then in the mid-60's I saw his late-50's classic monster movies, learned his name, and have been a fan ever since.


The corollary to The Whit Bissell Rule is The ABBD Rule: If a movie has Dana Andrews, Joan Bennett, Whit Bissell or Dan Duryea in it, it probably is a film noir; if none of them are in it, then it probably is not a film noir.


My favorite Whit Bissell movie performances (in chronological order):


*Raw Deal*

*He Walked by Night*

*Riot in Cell Block 11*

*Creature from the Black Lagoon*

*Shack Out on 101*

*Invasion of the Body Snatchers*

*I Was a Teenage Werewolf*

*I Was a Teenage Frankenstein*

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