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Sling tv on-demand

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Had Sling tv about a year, no problems watching TCM on demand. A month ago I started seeing "oops it looks like some of your content didn't load, please try later." This was every time I tried and so I got rid of Sling tv. Tried 5-6 other "popular" steaming services, some of which had TCm but none of which had TCM on demand. So I re upped with Sling although partly because a visitor likes to watch CNN. I plan to get rid of it again if Sling doesn't fix TCM. Or is it TCM that is at fault? That's the only channel where I have seen that particular message or really had any problems at all with in demand content. Needless to say Sling tech support has been utterly useless.  

Any ideas anyone? Is there some other streaming service anyone uses? Filmstruck is OK I suppose (can get that via Roku) but I prefer conventional TCM. 

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I have it (Sling) also, the "oops it looks like some of your content didn't load, please try later." seems to come and go, some days I'll have no problems at all other times I do. But I did notice this last time that it happened that message didn't come up on every selection. I'm wondering if maybe I'm hitting the buttons too fast and not maybe letting it load fully. If I push the buttons too fast occasionally it will cause the Roku box to reset. I hate the navigation on Roku.

It maybe a Roku problem rather than a Sling TV problem for me anyway.  What are you using to cast with?



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Not sure what "cast" refers to, I have a roku on the TV from which I access the Sling app; no other Roku app or channel appears to have any problem with on demand content.  Yes, some selections will play as you mentioned, but those do not appear to require time to load and typically are only the first few in the list, sometimes no more than 1 or 2 out of the 50 or so that are listed, e.g. tonight the movies through "Bullitt" will play but "Casablance" and those following will not load, and I waited a good 5 minutes before re-trying Casablanca. Not willing to wait longer than that for a movie to load. I can play on demand content from the Sling app on my ipad if I want to watch on a small screen, which I do not, and anyway only about 20 movies are available on the ios app. 

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On 11/19/2017 at 6:04 AM, cigarjoe said:

It would be nice to have a TCM tech give us some answers.

Don't know if this has anything to do with what you guys are (have been) experiencing with Roku and Sling, but TCM has been experiencing ON-DEMAND and Streaming issues again.... this month. 
I and a couple others have posted on it over here:

Yes, "It would be nice to have a TCM tech give us some answers."
But if past experience is any indicator of future performance then I wouldn't hold my breath hoping that TCM will change all of a sudden start actually communicating with us about any problem issues related to TCM, or originating with TCM.

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I also have the problem exactly as you describe. I have contacted Sling twice (their tech support phone number apparently is a state secret. You must search the web to find it). Both representatives were courteous, but it was the same basic troubleshooting each time. Uninstall/reinstall the app; disconnect/reconnect TV; check Roku for system update, etc. After all efforts failed, they "escalated" the issue to advance techs and they would investigate a get back to me. Haven't heard a thing. I definitely think this is a Sling issue, not a TCM issue. I wish I didn't like TCM so much, because I would dump Sling in a heartbeat. Oh, and I'm shocked, shocked to learn that Sling is owned by Dish Network!

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I wouldn't be so quick to blame Sling for any issues related to TCM streaming.
Sling and Roku, etc. likely have their own separate issues (some of which may have conflicts with TCM as well), but TCM streaming services have been flawed (progressively severely flawed) from the beginning.
Many of us using their streaming services (esp. ON-DEMAND) with our PC's and various other devices can testify to this over the years (check out the various threads and numerous posts in the TCM technical issue forum).
Myself and a couple of others have troubleshooted various issues using our PC's with different configurations, browsers, etc. over the years and 99% of the time the root of the problem has been ruled down to a TCM source.
If Sling, Roku, etc. are "buggy" then that only further compounds the trouble shooting process...
But if cross checking with other site streams work fine, and the only issues you are having is with TCM streaming, then I would lean toward it being a TCM issue.

TCM has a long record of streaming problems esp. with ON-DEMAND features that only "used to" habitually occur to a greater or lessor extent every other month or so. However for the last four months (since Sept this year, 2017) there have been major issues for entire blocks of movies, lasting throughout the entire 7 day viewing window. And worse they have been occurring every two to three weeks.
TCM staff has eventually gotten around to "fixing" the issues, but several days of ON-DEMAND movies have expired before "corrections" were finally made. But sadly these have all apparently been just "temporary" remedial "fixes" as the issues reoccur with a vengeance within another two to three weeks.

I have been an avid TCM viewer and fan for over two decades, but since early 2015 have relied ever more on the ON-DEMAND streaming services. These services which work well (when they do intermittently function as they should) beguile TCM viewers (especially newbies) into thinking that something must be wrong at their end when TCM all of a sudden stops working, but that is TCM's modus operandi.
With fewer periods of "functional" TCM ON-DEMAND streaming, and ever more frequent, longer lasting, and apparently total defective streaming of entire blocks of ON-DEMAND movies (historically lasting from a week-10 days at a time) I am at the point where I am seriously considering cancelling the higher tier subscription that I pay to receive TCM. It is rapidly becoming no longer worth it to me at this point.

Another issue that should concern all of us is the further negative variable that will inevitably follow the FCC's repeal of the NET NEUTRALITY regulation this month. Eventually the ISP's will exercise their hard "won" (expensively bought) option to further "self-regulate" downstream speeds and eventual access to all sites that they cannot directly profit from or that they are in competition with.
When that happens it will further compound any trouble-shooting processes.
Of course "they" all will continue to play the "blame the other guy" game.
And with non-communicative subscriber sites like TCM we will never be informed of anything at all!

I am ever more glad that I chose NOT to place my sole faith in any ISP, "the cloud" or any website for my video enjoyment, entertainment and edification. I am fortunate to have a library of videos (movies, shorts, and documentaries) stored on hard drives and numerous DVD's that I can fall back upon.

Have often considered Sling as an alternative to cable subscription for TV. However my primary reason would have been for TCM ON-DEMAND access. Lacking that I will likely not be venturing into that realm any time soon.

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Thanks for the helpful info. I did notice as you mentioned it got MUCH worse just recently. I haven't had cable tv in so long that I was unaware TCm on demand was largely nonfunctional there as well, so I guess it is a TCM issue not Sling. Although there is a steaming channel called Film Box through Sling that is just as bad (like TCm is has a lot of older films). In my limited research I have not noticed other streaming channels on Sling or Roku where on demand programming is so unreliable. Regardless, I guess I'll have to find some other hobby. 

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I have been streaming TCM on android tv box for about a year.

Worked ok although scrolling through the on demand (30-40) choices was buggy to say the least.

Then since I AM A TV JUNKIE and have an Amazon FIRESTICK in another room, I tried the Amazon version... It did not appear to have a watch what is on now live option and only about 10 movies on demand.

I am trial using Sling and the new update to "ala carte" offers plenty of on demand, live - but not East & West like "Watch TCM" does!

Cord cutting aint' easy!

But the worst is that Sundays at 10 AM it has a "Content unavailable message" when Eddie is showing NOIR ALLEY!

Thats like ordering the NFL channel and they blackout your favorite team!








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I successfully loaded FireFox on my Amazon Firestick. WATCH TCM is available several ways-through a subscriber service as the OP mentioned, as a stand alone app (which never works-you get the "error occurred message) and over the internet, ie FireFox browser.
I've tried every route and although Watch TCM loads perfectly, I can navigate around the page, it just will not work. Whenever I press "play" the "sign in" screen pops up. Even if I choose "remember me" it defaults to the sign in screen.
Phooey! Like the previous poster-I have enough choices I don't really need TCM especially if they're going to be difficult about it.

And I cut my cable cord nearly 7 years ago without any withdrawal symptoms. There is so much readily available....

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TCM on Sling is completely unwatchable much of the time now using Cox Cable as a provider, particular the live stream, which displays massive pixel blocking and dropouts.  On Demand movies are watchable, depending on the stream, but different movies are streamed with different resolutions, some of which are not watchable.  

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The streaming and schedule-update issues were particularly severe about a month ago. Now they seem to have resolved, and everything is back to normal. But even so, TCM skips many movies so I would have to wait a year for TCM to present them again. Like Dead Ringer with Bette Davis and Karl Malden.

And what's with these constant blackouts? So many titles--a fraction of TCM's total programming, to be sure, but still annoying when it happens. Yankee Doodle Dandy, Annie Get Your Gun, and Five Million Years to Earth--blocked from Sling. Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot-India-Golf-Oscar? Licensing issues, maybe?

Whatever it is, I suggest it will have to stop eventually. What will TCM do when most of us cut the cord?

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You get what you pay for. Its one of the cheapest streaming options and there are issues. I have to say though, I have improved my internet service in recent months. And I'd say the freezes and other issues have decreased dramatically.


And what's with these constant blackouts? So many titles--a fraction of TCM's total programming, to be sure, but still annoying when it happens. Yankee Doodle Dandy, Annie Get Your Gun, and Five Million Years to Earth--blocked from Sling. Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot-India-Golf-Oscar? Licensing issues, maybe

I balance that with the 60 or so movies available on demand. If there's a black out, I just watch one of those. That's where the films that aired at odd hours go so I can still watch them.

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