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The Flaw in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence (1962)

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From anything I can find CAVEGIRL, Paramount paid for the studio time to record the song, but released the film while Gene was in the middle of the recording sessions.  But I could find no reason given as to why Paramount didn't wait for the song before putting the movie out.  Seems Ford didn't really have much to do with any of it.

But both the song and movie were hits, so neither suffered from it's absence.

I don't recall any specific discussing of you, but glad you're back regardless. :)  And Yes, Darg's still here and posting his usual unique style of posts. ;) 


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2 hours ago, CaveGirl said:

Sepia, what about the other glaring "flaw" which is about Ford choosing to leave out the song as performed by Gene Pitney? Maybe Ford being an old grumpy, cantankerous, crabby curmudgeon just didn't want to pay Bacharach/David for the songwriting fees or want them to benefit from it being in the film?

I'm so glad to be back as I was psychically receiving messages that people here were discussing me. Please tell my oldest and dearest friend, Dargo [if he still posts here?] that I'm back from working for the last six months trying to decipher the 340 code of the Zodiac for that History Channel special.

I read somewhere recently, but don't quote me here, that another reason the Pitney hit recording wasn't used was due to some last minute squabbling over the rights and residuals between the bean-counters and lawyers for Paramount Pictures and those with the record company. Don't know if this is true, as I said.

And yes CD, as you can see, I'm still here.

(...the coup d'etat was a bust)

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50 minutes ago, CaveGirl said:

Of course it was...

I'd suggest an Auto da Fe next time if you want success, Dar!

Eeh! I bought one of those once, and the dang thing kept stallin' on me in traffic.

(...but then again I suppose you already know how unreliable those French cars can be sometimes, huh)

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12 minutes ago, CaveGirl said:

I thought you were a Peugeot man ever since you dated Bebe back in the Sixties?

Well, back in the EIGHTIES, I might have thought Bebe NEUWIRTH was kind'a hot on Cheers(in kind of a Morticia Addams sort'a way), but other than THAT, no, I've never dated any lady named "Bebe" in my life.

(...had a BB gun when I was a kid though, if that counts for anything here...and no, it wasn't an official Red Ryder model, if you're wonderin')

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Bebe, Dargo of course refers to Brigitte Bardot. Don't you remember your pet name for her?

I think it was your resemblance to Jean-Louis Trintigant which turned her on to your charms.

I'd pay good money to hear some of the back stories you were a part of during the filming of "And God Created Woman" but I know your lips are sealed. And of course, there's also the problem of the Non-Disclosure Agreement you signed...

Speaking of Red Ryder guns, I met Jean Shepherd once and he said he thought it was amusing that many people would tout his movie as being about a happy couple and family. He said it struck him funny since he based it on his parents who didn't get along at all and divorced very unamicably.


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