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Your Favourite Foreign Language Films

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This film won the Grand Prize at the 2014 Montreal World Film Festival …


Perfect Obedience (2014) Luis Urquiza, Mexico


This film won the Jury Prize at the 2014 Montreal World Film Festival …


Cape Nostalgia (2014) Izuru Narushima, Japan

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The 2015 winner of Norway’s Amanda Award for Best Picture went to ….


Borning (2014) Hallvard Braein, Norway


The 2015 winner of Norway’s Amanda Award for Best Foreign Film went to ….


Leviathan (2014) Andrey Zvyaginstev, Russia

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The winner of the 2014 Mar del Plata Film Festival Best International Picture was ….


Come to My Voice (2014) Huseyin Karabey, Turkey


The winner of the 2014 Mar del Plata Film Festival Best Latin Picture was …


Mr. Kaplan (2014) Alvaro Brechenr, Uruguay

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The 2014 winner of the Cairo International Film Festival's Best Picture Award was …


Melbourne (2014) Nima Javidi, Iran


The 2015 winner of the Cairo International Film Festival's Best Arabic Picture Award was …


The Sea Is Behind (2014) Hicham Lasri, Morocco

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My top FF films of 2015 of the 9 that I have seen are ….




1.  Dheepan (2015) Jacques Audiard, France

2.  Son of Saul (2015) Laszlo Nemes, Hungary

3.  Embrace of the Serpent (2015) Crio Guerra, Columbia

4.  Valley of Love (2015) Guillaume Nicloux, France

5.  Mustang (2015) Deniz Gamze Eguyen, Turkey

6.  Liza the Fox-Fairy (2015) Karoly Uji Meszaros, Hungary

7.  Marguerite (2015) Xavier Giannoli, France


and I’ve also seen …

Mia Madre (2015) Nanni Moretti, Italy

The Assassin (2015) Hsiao-Hsien Hou, China

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My top FF films of 2015...


1. Look Who's Back, David Wnendt, Germany

2. Battle for Sevastopol, Sergey Mokritskiy, Russia

3. Love Among the Ruins, Massimo Alì Mohammad, Italy

4. Embrace of the Serpent, Crio Guerra, Columbia

5. Admiral, Roel Reiné, Holland

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Some unusual countries make my top 10 this year...


  1. Victoria, Sebastian Schipper, Germany
  2. Rams, Grimur Hákonarson, Iceland
  3. A War, Tobias Lindholm, Denmark
  4. Virgin Mountain, Dagur Kári, Iceland
  5. Mediterranea, Jonas Carpignano, Italy
  6. Ixcanul, Jayro Bustamente, Guatemala
  7. Black, Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah, Belgium
  8. Masaan, Neeraj Ghaywan, India
  9. Tanna, Martin Butler & Bentley Dean, Australia/Vanuatu
  10. Mustang, Deniz Gamze Ergüven, Turkey
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Victoria was remarkable for being shot in one take of 138 minutes. I was afraid for a broing, static result, but it turned out to be a very dynamic story of a young woman who gets involved with a bunch of smalltime crooks during a night in Berlin.

Rams (Hrútar) is an Icelandic drama about two brothers who live a very isolated life as sheep farmers. They haven't spoken to each other for years and don't have much contact with other people. When an epidemic of scrapie hits their village all their sheep have to be destroyed, but they refuse to cooperate.



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  1. The Lure, Agnieszka Smoczynska, Poland
  2. Baskin, Can Evrenol, Turkey
  3. Son of Saul, Laszlo Nemes, Hungary
  4. Attack on Titan: Part 1, Shinji Higuchi, Japan
  5. Evolution, Lucile Hadzihalilovic, France
  6. The Assassin, Hsiao-Hsien Hou, Taiwan
  7. Ip Man 3, Wilson Yip, China
  8. Victoria, Sebastian Schipper, Germany



1001 Movies You Must See

  • Son of Saul, Laszlo Nemes, Hungary
  • Victoria, Sebastian Schipper, Germany


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The Lure is a Polish Cold-War-horror-musical-romance. How many of those have you seen? The story follows two sisters, both man-eating sirens/mermaids, who decide to enter the world of man and join a two-bit nightclub cabaret act, where they become a big hit among the downtrodden clientele. This has excellent production design and cinematography, good performances by all involved, and catchy songs that work even if you don't speak Polish.


Baskin is a Turkish horror film that centers on a group of city cops who, on a late night shift, travel into the countryside to respond to a domestic disturbance. They end up literally dealing with Hell on Earth. The movie spends a long time setting up the police characters, while also lulling the audience into a sense of low-key complacency while also imbuing these early scenes with a slowly-growing feeling of dread, before everything goes crazy in the last third. Many people won't care for this, finding it too slow to get moving, or too extreme in the end. I loved it.


Attack on Titan: Part 1 is a Japanese science fiction/fantasy/horror film based on a popular manga and anime series. In the future, humanity is nearly wiped out by giant, deformed humanoids that are called "Titans". One of the last strongholds of humankind is inside a walled encampment, but things have been quiet for some time, the narrative being set 200 years after the Titans appeared. The young generation doesn't have any first-hand knowledge of the Titan attacks, and so their lack of concern leads to negligence, and a renewed assault from the horrifying creatures. This movie is silly, but rather unnerving, with the Titans a unique visual sight. The last act gets a little too Japanese-cartoony for me, and there's no real ending, as the title implies, but I still liked it.


Evolution is a slow-burn fantasy (?) drama set in a coastal community that seems to be populated only by grown women and young boys. The story focuses on one such boy, who begins feeling poorly. His mother/guardian takes him to a doctor, where an ultrasound shows him to be pregnant. Soon after, surgery removes a small writhing creature from the child's abdomen. Such are the strange oddities in this bizarre, inscrutable movie. In a era when most films over explain things, where audiences seem to only consume stories that are clearly defined and laid out in simple A-B-C fashion, and nothing is asked of the viewers, Evolution is the complete opposite, a difficult, dream-like (nightmarish may be more accurate) sketch of a movie where nothing is explained, and it's almost all left to the viewer to deduce or extrapolate (or not; the movie works either way). I also liked the H.P. Lovecraft-style imagery. Again, this won't be to many viewers' taste, but I applaud the filmmakers' effort.

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 1.  Francofonia  Alexander Sokurov, Russia

 2.  My Golden Days  Arnaud Desplechin, France

 3.  The Assassin  Hou Hsiao-hsien, China (Taiwan)

 4.  Victoria  Sebastian Schipper, Germany

 5.  Dheepan  Jacques Audiard, France

 6.  Embrace of the Serpent  Ciro Guerra, Colombia

 7.  Cosmos  Andrzej Zulawski, France

 8.  Jafar Panahi's Taxi  Jafar Panahi, Iran

 9.  Evolution  Lucile Hadzihalilovic, France

10.  Happy Hour  Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Japan

11.  The Boy and the Beast  Mamoru Hosada, Japan

12.  Cemetery of Splendour  Achipatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand

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Look Who's Back - After Berlin's fall Adolf Hitler is magically transported to 2015 Berlin. Everyone seems to believe he is a satirist comic fooling around and they give him his own show and many interviews on TV. The media heads see this as an easy way to make money and save their failing ratings while Hitler views this as a way to regain the hearts and minds of the German people. This is a very funny satire film and it has a lot to say about the current state of politics in Germany and Europe. One interesting aspect is that some of the interviews between Hitler and the "man on the street" type people were completely real and not scripted. This is a very funny film and I recommend it. 10/10

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