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Aelita 1924 Soviet science fiction film


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I just saw "Aelita," the Soviet silent science fiction movie the other day. It is interesting, though less so for its SF qualities than for the fact that it is a Soviet film before "socialist realism" became mandatory and is fascinating for what it shows of Soviet life in the New Economic Policy of the 1920s.


As I watched the film, I wondered if "Aelita" gave us the cliche that in the future all people will have lousy haircuts. The coiffure of the Martians is just ugly.


The movie's sets have become famous (apparently the artist who designed the Martian scenes is/was someone of note.) I wondered if someone at Universal had seen "Aelita" since it reminded me a bit of Karloff's castle in "The Invisible Ray" and what little I've seen of the "Flash Gordon" serials.

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Mike, I just saw this on YouTube. Fascinating, to be sure!


Is this the origin of all the tacky looking and silly sci-fi films, from the 30's on through the 50's? And the dialogue is so familiar: "You are mine and we will rule Mars together!" "Meet me at the radiation laboratory tonight".


QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE has nothing on this, lol, but at least Zsa Zsa Gabor has two eyebrows.


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