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Wings 1927


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Next week, February 4th in Prime-Time during it's Annual 31 Days of Oscar Tribute, TCM USA is airing WINGS (Paramount, 1927), for the first time ever! The precursor to a possible DVD release later this year? The mystery surrounding what Musical score we might hear for this debut is profoundly intriguing to say the very least! Might anyone here have the details?


It appears that several new scores to the William Wellman Classic have been preformed live over the past few years at screenings around the world! While I am still hoping TCM airs the film with the Carl Davis score, two other scores with a "feminine touch" have been touring about at festivals. One is by a somewhat familiar name to Silent Movie Music fans, "Gillian Anderson". The other was composed by "Alexandra Gordon", who I am sorry to say I am not familiar with in the least?


Don't be surprised if it turns out to be Robert Israel either? He has scored many Silent films for TCM in the past. I will be very disappointed if the movie debuts with the Gaylord Carter Wurlitzer score recorded for the Paramount laser-disc release in 1985. Not that the Carter Score isn't good, it's one of his better scores, but why would TCM air an over 20 year old transfer of this picture, when it was newly restored just a few years ago? Makes no sense!


As Paramount is providing the print though, they may have been just plain to lazy to spring for an upgraded scorng? As they were on the DVD extra of Cecil B. De Mille's THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1923). I sure hope not!


I expect to see the film fully re-mastered, and hopefully with a brand-new recording of the Davis score from the rarely seen Thames presentation of the film. The Thames edition aired on British Television only once as far as I have been able to determine, and may have never been seen in the United States before?


WINGS has been shown on Television here in America, it aired a few times on the old American Movie Classics between 1990, and 1991, with the Gaylord Carter's Wurlitzer score. But the Thames presentation as far as I know, has not been run? It could have aired on PBS back in the late 80's to early 90's, but I know that I never saw it personally?


The restored version shown at the ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES in April of 2003, reinstated the original tint's, and contained a Full-Orchestral score with sound effects. But the notes on the TCM Movie Data-Base under "Alternate Versions", do not specifically state that this was the Carl Davis score?


The Original film in 1927 also had a few sequences that were filmed in 2-Strip Technicolor. Unfortunately, I do not know if those still exist? Some sources say that WINGS had a Vintage recorded score in 1927, while others state that it contained only sound-effects on a separate strip of film. Which was played right along with the live accompaniment in some of the big movie palaces hastely wired for sound. In any case, score or sound-effects this material is apparently lost?


Although, that's what I though about the vintage William Axt-David Mendoza score to Garbo's A WOMAN OF AFFAIRS (1928). Carl Davis composed a new score in 1989, so the original must be lost, right? Wrong! Incredibly, thanks to my good friend Jorge, I just ran across a version of this film the other day with the vintage Western Electric track still in-tact! So now I have two different scoring versions of one of Garbo's very best Silent films, and both prints are I am very pleased to say of excellent quality!


If anyone here has information on what score TCM will present with the debut of WINGS, please by all means do share!

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