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The Top Animated Films of All Time


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I got this off another website and thought it was interesting ... adjusted for inflation:


#1: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (1937) with $610.5 million

#2: 101 Dalmatians (1961) with $589.0 million

#3: Mary Poppins (1964) with $520.8 million

#4: The Jungle Book (1967) with $484.6 million

#5: Fantasia (1940) with $465.0 million

#6: The Lion King (1994) with $419.1 million

#7: Sleeping Beauty (1959) with $406.9 million

#8: Bambi (1942) with $394.2 million

#9: Pinocchio (1940) with $377.5 million

#10: Cinderella (1950) with $349.9 million

#11: Lady and the Tramp (1955) with $312.0 million

#12: Finding Nemo (2003) with $309.9 million

#13: Aladdin (1992) with $293.3 million

#14: Song of the South (1946) wiht $288.6 million

#15: Toy Story 2 (1999) with $271.0 million

#16: Shrek (2001) $267.7 m $267.7 million

#17: Peter Pan (1953) with $255.5 million

#18: Monsters Inc. (2001) with $249.9 million

#19: Toy Story (1995) with $247.0 million

#20: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) with $213.1 million


This data is a few months old, e.g. Nemo could have moved up the list quite a bit, and don't forget that many of the older films have been rereleased many times to "inflate" their numbers disproportionately.

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I tellz ya, I've discussed this before, but I've seen Snow White many, many times and I still like Sleeping Beauty a lot more. The atmosphere, ooooh! Plus, I hated Snow White's singing. UGH! [stringy hair, big bloodshot eyes and grinding teeth]


Finding Nemo was great!

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The best animated films are TOO SAD to really watch. That scene from Dumbo and I feel like I am ready for the booby-hatch. Ditto Bambi. When I was a kid in the 70's my ma would sing "we are siamese if you plee-ase" whenever her and my aunt got in a silly mood together. They sang it real good, even funnier than the cartoon. I like that movie.

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I would also have to say Alice in Wonderland was/is my all time fav (kinda funny-I came in here to say that and there was moviejoe's post with the same movie..lol). I just love how magical it is, and me bein' kind of a wacky gal myself this movie has always been right up my alley. My favorite part is the singin' flowers (The Garden/All in the Golden Afternoon). I always thought the Cheshire cat was so cool....actually have a little plastic one on my desk grinnin' at me right now ~ told ya I was wacky ;)

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It's hard to explain why, but I would probably choose Dumbo over all of Walt Disney's other great animated films. And, to me, The Iron Giant is just as great as any of the old classics. If we were to include all animated films, however - not just those of feature length - I'd rate the work of Tex Avery as the most inspired of all time. His style may prove too zany for some viewers, but for me, I never cease to be amazed by the depths of his humor, timing and imagination. His MGM cartoons remain his best, so if anyone from MGM is reading this: PLEASE give us a definitive DVD set of this genius director's work, and SOON!

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