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18 hours ago, Fausterlitz said:

That's "I Know Why (And So Do You)" from Sun Valley Serenade (1941); music by Harry Warren + lyrics by Mack Gordon.  In the movie, it's sung by Pat Friday and the Modernaires, although John Payne actually sings one of the verses.

next:  It rocks my whole solar plexus

(hint: this is actually a duet)

The song is "There Once Was A Man" from  the stage musical and 1957 film "The Pajama Game".   It was written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross and it was sung in the movie by John Raitt and Doris Day.  Here it is:  




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That's it! The thread is yours (unless you want to leave it open).

btw, I picked that line somewhat randomly because the original instructions said to see whether one could guess a song from six words or less.  "whole solar plexus" was such an unusual turn of phrase that I thought it might naturally stick out.  But it looks like the thread rules have long since relaxed to allow several lines at a time (so I'll try to pick something less arbitrary next time...)  :-)

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My favorite Fred Astaire song,

They Can't Take That

Away From Me.

The Gershwins originally wrote it for Fred to sing in "Shall We Dance". Then Fred reprised it for "Barkleys of Broadway" and added a pas de deux with Ginger.

2 hours ago, MilesArcher said:

We may never never meet again
On the bumpy road to love

This one's in two movies, so you can take your pick.


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Of course you're correct, Princess.

Here is the clip from "Shall We Dance?"



And here they are twelve years later in "The Barkleys Of Broadway".



Nice work, Princess.  It's your thread now.

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16 minutes ago, starliteyes said:

Don't Monkey with Broadway, words and music by Cole Porter from Broadway Melody of 1940, sung and danced to by Fred Astaire and George Murphy.


You can't go wrong with this number. Goes to show George Murphy was a much better tap dancer than they gave him credit for.

Star, thanks for the video and keep up the good work.

You're on.....

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Based on your last hint, I'm going to take a guess.  I don't know the song, but I'm guessing that it's Loving You, written by Jerry Herman and sung by Robert Preston in the screen version of Mame.

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You have guessed correctly, starlieyes. The song is  "Loving You," which Jerry Herman wrote for Robert Preston to sing in the movie Mame.

It's your turn.

Here's a clip of the song as featured in the movie. I apologize for the pan-and-scan. I couldn't find a video in the correct aspect ratio.



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