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Video and audio out of sync


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Due to On Demand  "Action in Arabia" incomplete which I posted earlier I therefore started watching "Berlin Express" ON DEMAND.  Was in sync for first twenty or so minutes then wildly jumped out of sync.  Never experienced this before once into a movie. Thus  I give up!  So no more On Demand movies until either TCM or my provider corrects.

I'd appreciate being advised if others experience same problem.

Thank you.


Steve QL





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Did you try re-establishing your connection?  As in closing your browser window and reopening it, or just clicking on "refresh"?  This would at least tell you if it is actually stored that way, or if it is happening as you watch it.   Since I don't use this service, I don't know if there is a "video scrub bar" (the slider at the bottom you drag back and forth to arbitrary points of the video).  If so, you might also fix it by jumping to another time point of the movie, and then back again (provided this issue is not stored on their system).

Typically audio sync issues can arise from dropped Internet packets, usually a symptom of network congestion.  Unlike with film, the audio is stored in different frames than video, and not proportionately.  There are fewer audio frames than video frames, so dropped packets will usually throw off the syncronization, depending on the severity.

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From 12/28/17 to 1/6/18 TCM streaming has been working.  But, there are problems again.  I've now tried 4 films, all of which stutter.  Audio continues while video stops.  My browser and flash are up to date.  The moderator has indicated TCM is aware of the problem; hopefully, this condition will not last long.  

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