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Somehow, someware I need to find this movie. As my not so much left of it mind remembers it starts with a young boy who by eather his parents demands, or by his own reasoning saves all his change, and he keeps his toys in great condishion. Now he is older and ready(per his mom, and dads direction) for college. His perents send him off to the bank to cash in his money to pay for his college. He returns home some time later not with school papers, but a new car(something like a Duesenburg, or Cord. Needless to say his parents kick him out of the house, and never want him to come back. He loades up his toys, comic collection, and older coins he had left and leaves. The middle part of the movie is foggy. The next seen I remember is this older man in a old shack maby in, or by a dump. His car is parked in front of the shack. He is sitting inside so upset with the way his life turned out that he desides to end it all by jumping off the bridge not to far away. So he loads up everything he owns in his car and heads to the bridge. On the way he relizes he needs gas. He pulls up, and taking some change grom a jar he goes inside. Inside the service attendent tells him some of the coines are worth more than ther e facv value. As this is happening two young colletor type guys are looking in his car, and grab some comics, bring them into the station and tell the guy they will give him ten thousand foy just one of them. lastly you see him all dressed up at an action selling his car witch the curent biding price is like $100,000, with a gal on his arm. seems it was a B/W 1950/60 movie, or made for TV type thing. sorry for spelling errors, and any help you can be will be great, and Ill owe you . thanks.

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