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CBS once again validates colo(u)rizing

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During the month I've seen two b&w films colorized on ISPN; one was so good that had you not seen it in its original form you'd never guess it was colorized while the other was a failure.  They were shown as a double feature so the comparison was right there to see.  

The good one:  Red River.   It's a Western so seeing all that scenery in what must be close to a natural state is a treat.  The color was not garish but realistically muted like the Columbia Westerns.  You purists will disagree but it made a great movie go over the top.  I'll take it either way but I'm glad I say it this way.

The bad one:  Angel and the Badman.  It wasn't in the same league.  The color was often off and sometimes "bled" from one thing to another.  It detracted from the story.  

If b&w was necessary for the mood and the movie was deliberately shot that way for a reason then it should stay that way.  The Postman Always Rings Twice is such a movie. Lana Turner was in white in all but one scene to make her seem more sympathetic than she should have been; in the color version, the shorts and turban outfit was coral.  I would veto that.

If it's a Western or costume picture where b&w was done to save money and colorizing it would visually enhance it then I'm for it if it's properly done.  I'm thinking of The Sea Hawk, Marie Antoinette, or Colorado Territory (Leonard Maltin's review says that one does have a colorized version I've not yet seen). 

I guess I'm just a color animal who thinks some films benefit from it while realizing others should stay as they are.  I'll respect the purists' opinions but hold to mine.        


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13 hours ago, MovieCollectorOH said:

You don't want tree roots growing into your sewer line.

Still trying to figure out what that has to do with carpeted bathrooms. :wacko:

And carpeted kitchens aren't interesting to me too.  Picking up broken eggs from linoleum is difficult enough.  And DON'T think that kitchen carpeting will keep a dropped egg from breaking.  :rolleyes:


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