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Anyone know what's up with Movies on Demand? This isn't the first time that I encounter movies that show that they are available, yet won't play. The one I've tried now shows that it's available until Dec 31 and yet it won't start. I tried 2 others, one started the 2nd didn't....

thanks for any help...

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It's all screwed up..can't even load site using their android app today, and yesterday a movie stopped after about an hour with a 'cannot play this' or something message.  The whole site's a mess...anybody else notice (on firestick app) that the 'featured' section shows 'summer under the stars..august 30'?...probably the same lame programmers who 're-vamped' the boards...Unfortunately, for TCM glitches and bad choices have become the norm..

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It could be incompetent computer programming, or it could be that the person who normally puts movies on the web site has been gone for a week and the substitute doesn't know how to do it correctly.  It seems like all the recently posted films do not load, but the older ones are mostly okay.  Anyway, it is very frustrating.

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