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Wonderful Joan Davis


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Just thought I would throw one out there and ask if anyone remembers Joan Davis. She was a wonderful comedic actress who graced some interesting films and was in an early television show called I Married Joan with Jim Backus. All of which is available on dvd and still pretty funny. She was a grand practioner of the adroitly delivered line and a master of the double and triple take. I remember her when I was a kid, tells you how old I am, and think of her often. I loved Lucy but there was and still is a special place in my heart for Ms. Davis. God bless her. Throw out your remembrances about this wonderful lady. One film she made was shown on the Western Channel entitled The Traveling Saleslady co-starring Andy Devine. Pretty funny as spoofs go. Give it a watch when it appears again.


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I think I am her biggest fan as I have recorded 97 of the I Married Joan tapes --I recorded most of them off the old CBN network and the rest I ordered through a Mail-order house--she was

hilarious and a brilliant comedienne. The part of her sister Bev was played by her real life daughter Beverly Wills, whom you may remember as Marilyn Monroe's room-mate in Some Like It Hot.

You would be surprised at how many of the plots of the I Married Joan show somehow show up on other comedy series, one in particular, where she is opening up her husbands mail without his permission so he sends an inflatible life raft to himself and she opens it and it fills up the closet -

this identical plot can be seen on The Dick Van Dyke Show and it is a direct steal from Joan.

She is an unsung hero as her name is never mentioned when they salute the great ladies of comedy~



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I am so glad that you all have echoed my sentiments about this wonderfully talented lady. I can just look at her and am filled with a warm glow knowing that she will bring laughter and joy into my heart over and over again. She deserves a tribute from Robert Osborne sometime soon. She is really a cinematic jewel and should shine forever. Thank you rainingviolets for your remembrances and appreciations. I didn't realize that her daughter was in Some Like It Hot so when I view my dvd again, I will pay special attention. Thanks for the info!


Keep the accolades coming folks, Joan needs to be spotlighted!!!

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