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Golden Globes tonight, & host Seth Meyers...

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Golden Globes 2018: How to watch the awards show and red carpet

by NBC News


"All eyes will be on the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday — and not just for the red carpet and big winners. This first major awards show since sexual misconduct allegations rocked Hollywood, the Globes will be closely watched this year for how its host, Seth Meyers, and the winners and presenters make use of their time at the mic. .....



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Normally, I like watching the award shows because I like seeing what everyone is wearing and hearing about films; but I've read that the stars (mainly the women) are planning on wearing black as a form of protest.  I am tired of the award shows being so politicized.  I wish we could just focus on the awards and leave Trump & co. out of it for once.  Last year's Golden Globes were almost unwatchable because it seemed like every single speech was a rant against the government (and don't get me wrong, I am no fan of the current administration either), but I just want to hear about movies and television.  I don't want to hear celebrity after celebrity getting up on their soapbox to rant against something. Nowadays, you cannot even get your mail without being bombarded with politics. Movies are my form of escape from politics.

In light of the sure to be volatile politic-laden award show, I am planning on watching the Gloria Grahame double feature on TCM. 

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Normally, the Golden Globes were my favorite award show because the liquored-up celebrities could provide some humor.  What other award show has had the winner in the bathroom at the moment their name is called? And this has happened on more than one occasion! 

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2 hours ago, mr6666 said:

Surprises and the Snubs: What the Golden Globes Missed-

This year, Globes voters from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association somehow ignored summer box office champ "Wonder Women" and other worthy films....


because it sucked.

"I am woman. hear me roar!"


Image result for wonder woman 2017

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I see my love, Ewan McGregor, won the Golden Globe he was up for.  I'll catch his acceptance speech on You Tube later.  I'll probably look for Kirk Douglas' standing ovation too. 

EDIT: Watched both of the You Tube videos I said I'd look up.  It's interesting that Ewan thanked his estranged wife of 22 years and thanked his rumored fling and co-star in the same speech.  No judgement from me though, if Ewan and his wife's relationship broke up, it wasn't because there was another woman, their relationship was already broken. I judge Ewan on his work. 

I love standing ovations.  The one for Kirk Douglas was so sweet, even though I'm not the biggest fan of his films, the man is a legend and is 101 years old! 


I see that Oprah is still with Steadman.  I thought I'd heard that they'd broken up. 

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