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Ah yes, sounds like you know the movie!


It's Claire Bloom in the sci-fi classic, The Illustrated Man (1969), with Rod Steiger and Robert Drivas.


BTW, I just recorded "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" last nite from the local Channel 23.

I'll have to see what all the fuss is about..


Happy New Year, Fred!


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This movie was really great, a true modern classic. I don't know why it isn't shown on TV more often.


It is a freaky movie, since the audience never quite understands what's going on, but the individual

separate stores about the past and the future are very effective, and Rod Steiger was perfect.

So was Claire Bloom. She really knew how to mess with Steiger's mind.



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A really creepy movie with a haunting score.


It seems to have been pretty much unavailable before it's DVD

release as part of Amazon/WBHV's DVD Decision 2006

and they've done a beautiful restoration on it.


I agree, they did a great job with casting.


Thanks for posting that link to the theatrical trailer which is also included on the DVD.


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Hey, I was just watching the clip from the movie and

I heard Rod Steiger say, "where the lions live, down in Africa".


Snarfie, I know you haven't been around much lately but I'm

just wondering if "Illustrated Man" was the answer to

your little trivia game a while back?


The favor of a reply would be greatly appreciated.



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Possible Spoiler:


It's a movie about a man who's unhappy with his life.


He begins attending support groups and finds he enjoys the sympathy

that lies and deceit can bring him, quickly becoming addicted to the attention and the drama;

a "sufferer" of many plights and maladies. :(


Soon he meets a man who changes his life but the man is manipulative, violent and dangerous.

Actually they're both sociopaths.


Soon the violence spreads and the second man becomes very powerful

due to his unlawful activities but beware because everything is a copy of a copy...


heh heh heh


Oh yeah, they both have an unusual hobby but the first rule is don't talk about it.


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