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Most irritating poster on TCM

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Holly isn't in much of a "Holly-day" mood. He(she) attacks Metz on this forum and in the Hot Topics forum he(she) attacks another poster by giving childish replies to his threads. Then started a new thread calling that poster "irritating".


Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men (and repetitive posters)

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and why the hell are you complaining...you know what you can do with your post ...insert into **** cavity .....and smile


if my posts bother you..click the ignore button''


I know i will !!! to avoid nonsense like your ridiculous comments ..in short GTH


and that goes for snorfy snarky snookie too!!!!!


signed ,,,, METZ and METZ 44

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hey.bird brain .....for your info ,some people ARE interested,in my photos of old movies.....better than some of the **** that you send.........go away ,honey and try posting on an iidiot board ..i am sure you can find one (maybe)...... just google ..... "idiot"

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Why bother Snorky? He obviously stays up midnights at the computer in his mother basement thinking that we all are waiting breathlessly to read what he writes about things he learns about on the internet.


My guess is he never goes to a movie or has any discussions with anyone in person, but instead lives to see his name on the net.


I read his dumb posts so many times - his and celluloidkid - and finally just decided I would be as voluminous and irritating as they were to me.


Sorry that some people didn't understand why I was making the posts. And it obviously didn't get to the ones who are ruining the board.


Come on, folks. Post interesting stuff, ask interesting questions, but don't TAKE OVER. This board belongs to everyone....you AND me.

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That's prettyfunny, scsu1975.


I don't have a problem with Metz, except that he does not keep track of his posts. I am new here and would love to play, but the 2 trivia games I answered never got a response. Please keep an eye on your posts, Metz, so we can enjoy the games.

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i am doing the besti can butyou must consider that the various thread sometimes outdate themselves and its diffuicult for an 80 year old guy to keep track...i am doing thenbest i can and thanx for you r comment

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