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should i continue posting old photos?


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Hi metz44 - I always enjoy looking at your photos. I am not nearly as knowledgeable as others on these boards so I hardly ever guess at them but seeing all these pictures helps to introduce me to different actors and actresses and it broadens my movie interests! Please keep the photos coming.


Thank you! :)


oh - and i believe the man is Henry Travers right?

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I say keep it up. You're in a good position to revive the late, lamented "Photo Re-caption Game".

If you're not familiar with it, scroll back many, many pages and you will find some samples of the

old game. It's a good idea to number the pictures, and always use the same thread, so that

players can identify by number the photos they are captioning. For the present example I suggest:


"We'll make it on time if we don't get a flat. Your spare's a baldy."

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Certainly keep posting, the more the merrier. However, I agree with cmvgor, confine your postings to a single thread. This will make them easier to find and produce less clutter.


This picture certainly invites a re-caption.


"Keep your eyes on the road you dirty old man".



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Metz, keep it up. I like the photos (although I almost never know who the heck they are). However, I'd like to see if we could support some more "21 Questions"-type quizzes. About six months ago there were 4 or 5 separate quiz threads. Now were down to one. I'd start one myself but Dobbs and FrankGrimes are too damn smart and guess my quizzes within the first couple clues.


Happy New Year to all,



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metz, you have just as much right as anyone else here to post photos and trivia.


My only suggestion would be that perhaps you could start one thread for your quizzes, instead of a new thread for every photo. You could call it metz's photo quiz, or something like that. Several posters over the years have had their own threads in this forum.


But, again, do what you like. It's a free country and you're not breaking any rules of the forum.


Sandy K

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Out of 513 threads TOTAL in the trivia forums you've started 148 of them and ALL since May of 2007!

Good, longstanding threads are buried pages back and have died.

And you're going to whine when someone complains about it?

Being 80 years old doesn't immunize you from logic and common sense or give you license to curse at a lady.


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Listen here , you miserable son of a **** .!!..who do you think you are ,you slimy vermin



keep your lousy insults and stick to movie matters...who the hell appointed you to be marshal dillon



on this thread? buster, if i stood face to face with you i would make you eat those



rotten remarks about me.......i will post photos when and how i feel like....and dont need pissants



like you to ridicule my efforts..................................

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Hey Metz why dont you say these things to my face...oh of course not, you hide and leave your hatred while hiding behind your PC

I might be a miserable excuse for a human being, but at least I am a human being..and your mother was wonderful last night by the way

Go **** yourself Metz, you probably need it because no one else will besides a four legged animal at your local zoo

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.......first you imagine my sex habits and then you take the name of my late mother in a vile remark.............this will be my last posting to worms like YOU....,...you will remain in my memory as a living abortion ....May God forgive you.......you may have the last word since i wont read your slime, the .ignore button is pressed.......good riddance to filth like you

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