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Happy New Year to all (any movie resolutions?)


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To all - have a great positive Happy New Year...

Here is to a new year ...I hope everyone has a happy safe and peaceful new year..(here we go again)

Only 358 more days until Christmas :)

Anyone have a new years resolution for 2008 in regards to movies ?

For me - I am going to finally watch the Godfather....

Yes I have never seen the Godfather before & this year I am going to watch at least the first one..

I am also going to watch more Gary Cooper movies, even more James Stewart movies ..

Hows this for a 1-1-2008 movie marathon

Frank Sinatra as Tony Rome in Tony Rome and Lady in Cement

James Stewart in Harvey & Bell Book and Candle

No I haven't seen these & I look forward to watching these tomorrow

Good way to start the new year ? :) We will see...

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Happy New Year to you too dsclassic! I thoroughly enjoyed ringing in the new year with Mr Astaire and Miss Rogers. I also enjoyed sharing a toast with Mr. Osborne whom I really admire!

I actually do have a new year movie resolution - I would like to watch a few silent movies. Please don't judge me too harshly :) but I have actually never seen a silent movie before. If you - or someone else - has a favorite I should see I would be grateful for the recommendation.


Anyway - I am really glad I decided to start reading these message boards. They are a lot of fun and very informative!! Thank you all for that!


I hope you all have a safe and happy new year!! I look forward to learning so much more about classic movies in 2008!! :)



P.S. dsclassic - Bell Book and Candle is a really fun movie. I hope you enjoy it!

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Here are some of my favorite silents Shasta

Lost World

Phantom of the Opera

Fall of the House of Usher

The Bat

The Bells

I don't watch many silents, and I usually stick to horror and sci fi as they are of most interest..I am not so much into silents these days , but those ones stand out

I watched the Gay Divorcee last night..I enjoyed it & then I watched Monday Night RAW, and from there it was a struggle to get to 12AM..so tired

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I would recommend The Big Parade (also directed by Vidor), The Wind and most of all, The Black Pirate, Robin Hood, Thief of Baghdad and The Three Musketeers with Doug Fairbanks, Sr. I don't think anyone enjoyed making silents as much as Doug, sr. The Iron Mask is a wonderful, rueful sequel and end to Doug, Sr's days in front of the camera.

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Shasta- What are your favorite sound movies? Maybe a list or type of movie would help us to know what kind of silents you might like?


Loved the Astaire/Rogers new year's eve festivities. it was a perfect evening, after my hubby went to bed. He wanted to watch Planet of the Apes.....

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A pleasant little topic! Quite simply, my goal is to watch more classic movies. I don't have TCM anymore. VHS is all but obsolete. Guess I'll get a DVD player. Must fill the void!


SHASTA: My favorite silent movies are not actually from the silent era. Chaplin's CITY LIGHTS and MODERN TIMES. There's no spoken word. No real sound. But there's a musical score and some effects. They're brilliant, poetic comedies. Heartbreaking. But comedy none-the-less.


The Gary Cooper fan is in for some fine movies. The two Capra films. HIGH NOON. Demille's THE PLAINSMAN. Howard Hawks' expertly crafted SERGEANT YORK. The delightful BALL OF FIRE, by the same director. Have fun "hangin' with Mr. Cooper!"


Have a great year, everybody!


Red River

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I have already watched 4 movies this year

The 2 Tony Rome and 2 James Stewart movies I mentioned before...

Good way to start the year...I liked the Tony Rome movies better but I am and always will be a James Stewart fan, I wish I had the opportunity to have met him before he passed away back in 1997

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Hi JackFavell - I like a lot of different movies but I guess musicals would be my favorite. I am a big fan of Judy Garland. I also like mystery/detective movies - Alfred Hitchcock and The Thin Man series are favorites. Also love everything that Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn did, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, and anything with Bette Davis in it. I am very open minded to trying new movies and am always looking to broaden my movie experience. Thanks in advance for any ideas. :)



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Thats what I have been doing for many years, broaden the movie experience...thank god I am kind of catching up on what I have wanted to see for a long time already

I want to see some of the Warner Gangsters Set 2 & see the rest of the Tough Guy set at some point this year

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