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World Economic Forum-Davos

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In Davos, Trump faces the powerful 'establishment' he's repeatedly shredded

  • President Donald Trump is set to travel to Switzerland, where he will try to pitch the American business environment to global corporate and political leaders.
  • Trump will try to fight the perception of the event as a gathering of wealthy elites, as he promotes a populist, anti-globalism agenda.
  • Presidents have typically avoided the event, but observers say Trump's trip carries less risk than usual.
  • Several world leaders criticized trade protectionism ahead of Trump's arrival.



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Why Donald Trump Will Be Welcome in Davos

".... Far from being a vehement opponent of the globalization that Davos symbolizes, Trump is one of its beneficiaries and practitioners. As evidenced by the presence of a Trump Tower in Manila and a Trump International Golf Club in Dubai, he is a global brand. A considerable part of his real-estate business depends on rich foreign buyers at his U.S. condominium developments, who also helped him narrowly salvage his company during the 2009 financial crisis. And he has just signed into law a huge tax break for the same U.S.-based multinational corporations that help finance the World Economic Forum, from Google to Goldman Sachs.

.... The Trump Administration—with its tax cuts for corporations and the rich, its eagerness to strip away regulations in many sectors of the economy, and its aura of crony capitalism—is basically a plutocratic government in a populist overcoat. ....

.... “Only in passing, and probably on the margins of the official program, will they get into the tremendous monopoly and monopsony power of their companies, ability to play one jurisdiction against another in order to avoid taxes, how to ban organized labor in their companies, how to use government ambulance services to carry workers who have fainted from extra heat (to save expense of air conditioning). They are loath to pay a living wage, but they will fund a philharmonic orchestra.” ....




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To Protest Racist Comments and Policies, Walkout Planned for Trump's Davos Speech

"Several leaders plan to protest the president's speech, accusing him of aiming "to pull up the drawbridge for people who are not white, and engineer an exclusive, less diverse America"

In an open letter, Business Leadership South Africa CEO Bonang Mohale denounced Trump's alleged statement, confirmed by Republican and Democratic lawmakers, that more immigrants from "countries like Norway" should come to the U.S. instead of people from "**** countries" such as Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations. ....



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Trump Booed At Davos For Criticizing ‘Fake’ Media-

"Davos Economic Forum attendees booed President Donald Trump at an appearance on Friday in which he criticized the media as “fake.” 

Trump told world political and business leaders at the annual gathering in Switzerland that as a businessman, he received positive media coverage, but once he launched his presidential campaign in 2015, he realized that reporters were “nasty” and “fake,” eliciting boos from people in the audience.

The Washington Post, Politico, and Trump-friendly Fox News also reported the Mueller firing story.

“It wasn’t until I became a politician that I realized how nasty, how mean, how vicious and how fake the press can be ― as the cameras start going off in the back,” Trump said. The president frequently makes the false claim that television cameras don’t air his anti-media remarks.

Some reporters at the forum said some of booing came from foreign journalists....


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"In a speech on Friday to world and financial leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, President Trump mixed facts, falsehoods and claims that could use context.

Below are some statements from the speech about the economy and Mr. Trump’s place in history....


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Donald Disappoints Davos

If the global elite was expecting a show, they didn’t get it.


....“The most controversial thing I can say,” he said, “is that this was a middle of the road, unexciting, rational speech.” He continued, “what you read about him, you expect an edgy, tough speech—and there wasn’t any edginess in that at all.”

Polite applause came at the end. But one attendee declared: “Definitely not worth staying until the very, very, very end of Davos to hear that!”


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New York Times WorldVerified account @nytimesworld 10h10 hours ago


President Trump used Davos to urge business leaders to invest in the United States. But during the meeting, it was clear that geopolitical momentum lay with Beijing, not Washington.

".... we see a very big difference with the United States,” Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz of Chile said, calling China’s “vision of openness and its rejection of protectionism very welcome.”


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