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Seven "squirrely cherubs"....

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You mentioned John Qualen, Jackie, and he's another HUGE favorite of mine. I love his kindly spirit though he could also inject a note of neurotic fear now and then. And lest we forget, that adorable Fordian mascot, Hank Worden (here, in a screencap I swiped off the internet).




By the way, in TCM's Movie Morlocks you can read more about the wonderful John Qualen here:



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John Qualen is absolutely one of my favorite actors (I keep saying that about everybody, don't I?) Really! My heart just breaks watching him in Grapes of Wrath.


I have never seen Sgt. Rutledge all the way through. I always come in halfway when they show it on AMC - plus yucky commercials. I have a pet peeve about seeing a movie from beginning to end- I don't like to come in part way through, unless I've seen the movie before.

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Somebody else beside me thinks that Edward Arnold was attractive!


Oh yes! He was and there was ALOT to love about Edward Arnold, ha! I thought so ever since I first took notice of him in Meet John Doe.

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I'm slow on the uptake -- you were joking, you knew who the Kid was all along, but you only have eyes for sterling Sterling, right?


Well, I'd like to have the Kid in my life some way. Maybe he could become Duane's valet or something. Or help him change the motor oil.

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No, honestly I didn't remember the Kid's real name---Johnny Guitar isn't a favorite of mine----except to look at Sterling! His name could have been Violet Bingswater for all I'd care, just let me gaze at him. :D

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