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King of Jazz,color slightly enhanced

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Let me tell you something.I am looking forward to my pre-ordered copy.The fact is about his film is that the two color technicolor is slightly enhanced, but, it's not drastically changed.Still, it should not have been touched.I saw Mab Hollywoods modern trailer advertisement on Vimeo.Most of the scenes color remained pure, but where there was a green reflection on skin tones to props it, it was removed.I'm guessing that the preservationist wanted to bring out the colors marked by the green without making it look like 3 strip technicolor.Once again, probably, the preservationist did not like the color, Why?it's obvious that they were working for the investors of the preservation project.Who were they? Universal and some other wealthy investors who wanted there returns immediately, probably.by focusing only on the casual fan fo classic films, rather than them and us fans of film history, cause we demand accuracy.Money was being put first before history.This is a shame.Nevertheless the less the way the trailer looked was that not all color was changed to look modern.Remember even gone with the wind was enhanced, The original print has softer pastels.King of jazz has it's mono track, since they use one track for everything, in the beginning of sound and talking films.Still, the preservationist should have removed scratches only let it looked in that pristine two color technicolor 35mm print.If you have seen the frames this is the way it looks and was meant to be seen in 1930.The preservationist obviously made a compromise.It isn't that bad as the way d.r. x  and mystery of the wax museum and the color sequence in Ben Hur and more recent Whoopee.If Time Warner ever releases Viennese nights or Under a texas moon to Mamba,if  that films is ever restored, or the up grade vesrion of Mysterious  Island,they could give those films a 3 color treament ,unles they changed their mind .Mammy color sequence are not enhnaced.I'm guessing there could have been a copy right agaisnt the change.That was a blessing,if i'm right.Since King of jazz looked that it was barely touched,it's still worth buying in march or april.I don't think t.cm will premiere it yet .Any how it is alot better than the vhs version.        

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