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CAPTURED ON FILM-The True Story of Marion Davies

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Great documentary of a remarkable person. I believe Marion would have been flattered by the honesty and poise of Virginia Madsen, Charlize Theron and others and probably would have invited them all to San Simeon as regular guests, back in the day! Ms. Davies relates a story in a taped interview (Made into the book THE TIMES WE HAD) of William Randolph Hearst saving a stranded mouse that ventured into the 'house' by capturing it, feeding it cheese, digging it a little hole outside, which he covered in leaves and a corner of Marion's chaise blanket which he cut up for the purpose of keeping the mouse safe and warm. I'm thinking that his karmic reward for this single act of kindness was not wealth, power or prestige but Marion Davies- she was the gift of grace, sunlight in his life. Lucky man and this documentary sets the record straight beautifully.

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I had known the facts(pretty much), but still learned from the doc. I liked what Madsen had to say as well. I also understood that Hearst/Davies was a "loose template" for Citzen Kane, and Welles never felt good about the Davies connection.

It is rather tragic that for many, her legacy is lost to a fictional character. I know I'll be keeping an eye out for more of her stuff. I really enjoyed "Show People", as well.

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I was very, very touched by the documentary and came away a "fan" of Miss Davies without having really seen all that many of her movies! I have loved the few I've seen, though, and I can tell she is my kind of actress. I've always loved Carole Lombard and Marion seems very much the same kind of down to earth, but very talented and generous, person.

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I wish TCM would show Ever Since Eve.


I'm pretty sure they showed it at least twice last year. It turns up for Davies days and Montgomery days. It won't be long before it's on again, no doubt. Then, again, I do tend to get it mixed up with "Cain and Mabel." I like both of them better than most people seem to.


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