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TCM Programming Challenge #38: Vacation Time! - Voting Thread

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Great schedules! I'd like TCM to steal any of them. They all had things which made me laugh at parts and think about other parts. You're all to be congratulated! 

Congrats to Stevomachino for running a great challenge.

I have to vote for SansFin. Everybody's going to think it's simple nepotism, but in reality, her sked is so much in tune with my own likes, and I love the switching between intense movies and simple fun with nothing mediocre in-between. A lot of her picks are movies which, five years ago, I'd never heard about but now am glad I've been able to see. 


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Great schedules everyone! 

Cinema Int'l, I loved your selection of Eve Arden as SOTM.  Every movie she's in is always a little better because she's there.  Who can forget her as the girl with the cat on her shoulders in Stage Door? I love the idea of traveling with Auntie Mame.  That would be hilarious.  I love train movies and would love to one day travel on a sleeper train, though I have a feeling it wouldn't be as glamorous.  I'm happy that you scheduled "The Blue Veil," I've been wanting to see that movie forever.  I also love your block of noir in the "Shadows" set. 

LP, I loved your guest programmer Doc Brown.  How madcap would that roadtrip be? I also love your films about Hollywood, those are some of the best films.  Thank you for scheduling "What's So Bad About Feeling Good?" maybe someday, TCM will listen to our pleas and air this film.  I also loved the block of Fosse films.  "You do Fosse! Fosse! Fosse! You do Martha Graham! Martha Graham! Martha Graham! Or Twyla! Twyla! Twyla! Or Michael Kidd! Michael Kidd! Michael Kidd! Or Madonna. Madonna. Madonna..." I always get Bob Fosse mixed up with Bob Mackie.  I know, it doesn't make any sense.  I also loved your Desert Island films. 

Sans, I loved your vacation to Hell juxtaposed with the block of angel films.  I also loved the tribute to Leslie Howard.  Roger Corman's films are amazing and I'm happy to see a whole day dedicated to him.  I loved your block of atom films with the "Don't believe an atom, they make up everything," hilarious.  I love puns.

Lydecker, I loved your spotlight on femme fatales.  Vera-Ellen is one of my favorites and I'm happy to see her saluted here.  I also loved the block of Feisty Female films and the idea of Nick and Nora as my traveling companions.  I hope they bring Asta and Mrs. Asta! Thelma Ritter, much like Eve Arden, improves every film she's in and she makes the most of even the most mundane of lines and smallest of parts.  I wish she hadn't of disappeared during All About Eve

James Stewart Fan, I loved your block of "Judy for kids" films and the big block of Biker movies.  I love the idea of Angela Lansbury as SOTM and hope she's honored soon.  I also love all the Disney and Bugs Bunny that's included.  I'm also a sucker for animal movies--I'm glad you didn't include any of the really sad dog movies.  If a human dies in a film, whatever, but a beloved pet, omg.  It's tragic. 

When all is said and done, my vote is for Lonesome Polecat. 

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The TCM Programming Challenge #38 has come to a close. I'd like to thank everyone who participated this time around, from our six wonderful schedule programmers, to all those who voted. The competition was so close and came right down to the wire, which I think speaks to the high quality of schedules submitted. So, without further ado, our winner is...



Congratulations JSF! You now get the honor of hosting the TCM Programming Challenge #39. I look forward to seeing what you'll come up!

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