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banned movies


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What movies do you know to be banned off tv? or dvd. I can name afew.


whistle down the wind 1961

the general line (aka old & new) both are banned.1929

gone to earth

move 1970

I love my...wife 1970

3 into 2 wont go 1969

twisted nerve 1968

trygon factor 1967

china's little devils


can you name any?

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Letty Lynton. MGM, 1932.


Directed by Clarence Brown, 84 minutes. Based on the 1931 novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes, which was based on the actual story of a Scottish girl named Madeleine Smith who attempted to poison her lover. Here, Joan stars as Letty, a socialite who has a vacation debauche with a South American (Nils Asther) who then returns to New York City to stalk her. Robert Montgomery co-stars as her new love interest.


Letty is not widely available today because of a court case that MGM lost in 1936. Explains Mark Litwak on the filmmaking.com site:


In Sheldon v. Metro-Goldwyn Pictures Corp., MGM attempted to secure the movie rights to Edward Sheldon's copyrighted play ?Dishonored Lady.? The play was based, in part, on a true historical incident in the public domain. When MGM was unsuccessful in negotiating to obtain the rights to the play, the studio produced a movie of its own, ?Letty Lynton,? based on the same historical incidents that were the basis for Sheldon?s play. Although much of this movie was original, certain details and sequences of events were identical to those expressed in Sheldon?s play. The lower court held for MGM on the grounds that the material borrowed only involved general themes or ideas.


The appellate court disagreed concluding that there was an infringement. The court found that MGM?s work was identical in details and sequence of events to Sheldon?s work in matters unrelated to the underlying true story. The court reasoned that this borrowing was more than merely appropriating an idea or a theme. Some of the details and sequences of events in Sheldon?s play that were not historical facts in the public domain were also present in MGM?s movie. The court concluded that it didn?t matter that the plagiarized material comprised only a small portion of the film because it is not acceptable to steal a little bit.


This film has been unavailable since a Federal court ruled on 17 January 1936 that the script used by MGM too closely followed the play "Dishonored Lady" by Edward Sheldon without acquiring the rights to this play or giving credit!

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there is nothing in the movies I listed as offensive. it is an unofficial ban. Like Peeping Tom. Scorcese had a new print made - & showed it theatrically. That print is gone. It cannot be seen. I saw it afterwards & then it disappeared. Owned by Corinthe films.

another banned film is "La Morte en ce Jardin" 1956 -- I saw it in New York in the 90s - it ran 140min. Since then only a cut version is around. I like talking about this because I mean we are such a free country & we tell the world how freedom is so great & yet.... Eisensteins General Line is "not available" Also Pudovkin's "Mother"...... I have tapes of these over 15 years old. Ever hear of "the free marketplace of ideas"......just don't get the wrong idea!

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For nearly the entire history of film production, certain films have been either boycotted by political and religious groups or literally banned by a regime for political or moral reasons. Paradoxically, banning a movie often completely fails to achieve its intention of preventing a movie from being seen?the publicity given worldwide to banned films often results in it being given attention it might not otherwise receive.

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