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Need some help finding a movie.


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Okay i saw a few movies on TCM when i had the day off sick and i dont remember the names of them or who was the stars. They are older westerns, 1940's i think. it was a series of movies it seemed with the same main character. He played a normal guy sometimes, but had an alter ego where he wore all black and wore a black bandana on his face.


One episode was where he and this guy would switch clothes in the middle of a firefight multiple times to confuse the other guys. I think one one of the actors name's was tex something, not sure.



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You seem to have happened upon a festival of Durango Kid movies. I saw them in the early 50's, and they were probably second-issue then. The star was Charles Starrett; his "clark kent"

name was something like Steve Carson, and when he put on the black outfit and the mask, he was The Durango Kid.


I can't think of a single title to save my life. Start with finding the filmography of Mr. Starrett, and

you may track down some titles that make sense. It may also be helpful to check the filmography

of Smiley Burnette. He was the comedy sidekick (to Steve Carson anyway -- even he did not know about the secret identity).


Good luck.


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FredC, How do?


Thanks for posting the Durango Kid photo. There's no way of knowing if Liberator66 has returned

to this thread to check out any answers his question may have generated. I was able to Google

several websites that had information on this series of movies. The origional poster should be

able to do the same. Just use the name Charles Starrett.


I remembered the Durango Kid fondly as one of the kiddie-Western guys like Tim Holt and Alan

"Rocky" Lane who knew the difference between a cowboy story and a musical production (unlike

Roy, Gene and Rex). Maybe Liberator66 will check this source again if he hasn't already. Oh --

another thing I found out: Mr Starrett (1903-1986) had a movie career that lasted from 1926-1952, and he shares 56 titles with Smiley Burnette. The "Kid" movies won't be hard to find.

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