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I need help identifing a movie...

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but i don't have very much to go on. It was probably a 30's or 40's movie. I saw it at a very young age so I can only recall one scene. The scene was so shocking to me I can still see it in my minds eye even thought it was over 40 years ago. The Hero is talking with a chorus girl asking her for clues about a killer. Before she finishes she has to run out on stage to perform a number with the other girls, as the hero waits in the wings for her to return. The setting on the stage is winter, the girls outfits have fur trim. The girls are throwing what appear to be styrafoam snow balls to the audience, The killer who was on the balcony sticks a knife through a snowball, he then hurls it at her stabbing her in the heart to stop her from talking. She collapses, someone screams and the hero rushes to her side. I figured I'd never see it again but then it dawned on me to ask the TCM viewers if they might know what it is. Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for your help Bill, this certainly could be it. I just have to find it now. When I track it down and view it I'll let you know if you were right. Also many thanks to all those who viewed this message .


Sincerely Randy

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